Portfoliolioliolio about me...amber...

Whulll hi! I'm Amber. Just a little hint, the main picture is meant to be a pun because of my name. Anyhoo, I'm a real nerdy writer, and I love to read and write in my spare time. I also draw and paint, but on extremely rare occasions. I even made a few games with some close friends. I've had some accomplishments when it comes to my writing. I've had two poems published in books, and I have quite a long line of people who want to buy the book I am currently writing. Below I have a few things I have created whether it comes to stories, poems, drawings, or games. Have fun!

I would love to include the video game I programmed, but I did none of the artwork. And the artwork is all you can see through pictures. I wouldn't want to take credit for that. However, I will link the text adventure game I made with my close friends.

AAAAAAAA FUTURE(copy&paste): file:///C:/Users/am31442/Downloads/AAAAAAAA%20FUTURE.html

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