Urban Resilience in action: take part in the Lisbon process lisbon, portugal

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Lisbon undertook the responsibility to accelerate the process of building together an urban resilient society to Climate Change (CC), reinforcing the initial guidelines proposed by the EU projects: RESCCUE and RESILENS. Lisbon municipality create some videos whose key message intend to highlight the: current mission of resilient cities to face Climate Change scenarios; capability of cities to anticipate, prepare for, respond to and recover from Extreme Meteorological scenarios expected until 2100; urgent need to share, learn, inform and communicate as a best strategy to minimize damages and engage the society participation to step up. The results achieved will certainly be considered as a best practice, will strengthen the city's organizational resilience and promote a participatory process of a CITY + RESILIENT to CC, highlighting the involvement of international; national; local partners; the community and the citizen himself.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Lisbon City Council

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Using a set of sequential images, Lisbon municipality intend to: involve the society to “Take part in its resilience process. Learn and share; understand the impacts on Critical infrastructures and the maintenance of basic service, before, during and after a disruption event. Videos are one way to (1) overtake communication barriers (2) spread messages through different communication channels (social networks and websites) (3) increase the number of receivers and (4) reaches a more diverse audience. Watching 4 videos it’s possible to answer to how can we accelerate Urban Resilience? What makes a city resilient to CC? How to maintain the community involved? What makes Lisbon resilient to CC?

PARTNERS: Local, national and international public and private entities/organization, the community and the citizen himself (different targets). Portuguese partners involved: EDPD, LNEC, HIDRA, ADTA, FACTOR SOCIAL, APA, IPMA, FCUL/UL, IST/UL, ANPC; Regional Level: "Making Cities Resilient" campaign addresses issues of local governance and urban risk while drawing upon UNDRR (previous UNISDR). Lisbon City Council mix team representing the activity sectors: Environmental and Energy, Heritage, Urban Planning, Public Relations; Finance, Civil Protection, Local Police, Local Fire Brigade, Public Space, Economy and Innovation, Green Infrastructure, Mobility and Transport, Public Health.