The River by jim harrison

-Yes we'll gather by the river,- gathering around the river

-the beautiful, the beautiful river.- someone believes the river is beautiful

They say it runs by the throne of God.- someone believes the river may be run buy God

This is where God invented fish.- believes fish may have been invented here

Wherever,but then God's throne is as wide- gods throne is here

as the universe, if your attentive you'll see the throne's borders in the stars.- believes this river borders the stars.

We're on this side and when you get to the other side we don't know what will- something could happen he could be trying to say that when you die and go to the other side that nobody knows what is gonna happen. nobody knows if there is a heaven or hell.

happen if anything. If nothing happens we wont know it, I said once. - may be talking about death

Is that cynical?- is it self made

No, nothing is nothing, not upsetting just nothing. - nothing about this river is upsetting.

Then again maybe we'll cast at the speed of light through the universe to God's - wants to see god

throne. His hair is bounteous.- details

All the 5,000 birds on earth were created there.- believes all the birds on earth could've been created here

The first born cranes, herons,hawks, at the back- details

so as not to frighten the little ones.- don't scare them away

Even now they remember this divine habitat.-nice habitat

Shall we gather at the river, this beautiful river? -gathering around the river

We'll sing with the warblers perched on his eyelashes.- believes he is there



the title is pretty self explanatory i believe that it is simply just talking about a river


the tone of the poem is simple, the narrator is not mad or sad or even glad. the narrator seems a little amazed, possibly because of the river. the narrator seems to believe that god may have done his work here, that this could be gods throne.


there are not many shifts in this poem


i believe the theme is that some things will never be explained. the narrator talks a lot about the other side and not knowing what will happen.i believe this could be a comparison to heaven and hell because nobody knows what happens after death, nobody knows if there even is a heaven or hell. i believe it compares that a lot threw out the poem.


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