common user needs when attending disney theme parks


"Everything Disney does is tailored to the visitors needs." (Borrie, 1999).

I identified three user needs that visitors look for when attending Disney.

  • Fantasyland / Leisure Tourism
  • Consumerism / Entertainment
  • Visitor service / Comfortableness / Timeliness


One visitor said, "Disneyland makes me feel like I'm in a seperate world from the real world".

  • An adult returning to the fond memories of their childhood (Marling, 1997).
  • Disney becoming a part of the lives of families across all of the world (Johnson, 1981).
  • A strong need for non-ordinariness in tourism (Graburn 2009).
  • Disney's curious combination of buildings, plants and objects, including the border that surrounds the park and keeps the outside hidden from visitors (Bryman, 1995).
  • The fantasyland feeling Disney creates makes visitors want to become even more immersed in the theme park experience (Borrie, 2013).


  • Disney, as with many private recreation and entertainment locations, embraces a commercial objective. Visitors are given every opportunity to purchase Disney goods and services (Borrie, 2013).
  • The partnership of entertainment and movie companies who both desire to increase brand awareness about their product in sort of a two-way fashion with Disney. This in turn brings new rides to the park, while also increasing awareness for that entertainment.(Garber, 2016).
  • Much of Disney looks and feels like a chain shopping mall, and this is by design. (Wilson, 2006).
  • Beyond the theme park rides the Disney website notifies guests of hidden mickey mouse heads intertwined in different parts of the theme park, giving guests an opportunity to participate a live game within the park (Toyoda, 2014).


  • When visitors were asked what they liked most about Disney, visitor service finished second behind park design (Honda, 2012).
  • Youthfulness and comfortablness is promoted (Borrie, 2013).
  • Disney tries to limit death and decay and any hard work that is put into the park is masked by smiling faces 24/7 (Van Mannen, 2013).
  • Disney's happiness and comfortableness park design is so that guests will also follow that model (Bright, 1987).


Created with images by Joe Shlabotnik - "Fantasyland" • Edwin Torres Photography - "Expedition Everest, Walt Disney World"

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