Wild Animals By: Mekedelawit Sisay

This is a Somali Wild Ass. They are found in Somalia the southern Red Sea region of Eritrea and the Afar region of Ethiopia.
this is an animal found in Ethiopia and they are known as the Ethiopian wolf. they are found in the southern part of Ethiopia in Bale mountain. they are also known as red wolf
they are called baboon. they are found in Africa. they are the largest group of monkeys in the world.
they are known as walia ibex. they are found in the steep cliffs of the Ethiopian highlights. they are the most hunted animals and that their numbers are declining very dramatically.
they are known as Menelik Bush-bucks. they are found in Ethiopia. it's family group is really close to the kewel and the imbabala family. they are found in rain forests, montane forest, forest savanna mosaics and bush savanna forest and woodland.
they are called Yellow-Fronted Parrot. they are endemic to the Ethiopian highlands.they are mostly green but their head have a yellow part. they live 3,300-9,800 ft above sea level. they are mostly found around Lake tana, in central Ethiopia, and in southwestern part of Ethiopia.

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