Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from whatever life throws at you and comes back even stronger

Odysseus showed Resiliency by fighting the cyclops. Odysseus has been trying to kill the cyclops because he said," I'm going to kill and eat your friends in front of you and you'll be next," so Odysseus didn't want that to happen so he defended his friends.

Throughout the movies of Spider-Man he has been fighting villains that were trying to take over but Spider-Man didn't let that happen even though he's not that strong, but one of his main enemy is Venom. Spider-Mans friend gotten into a situation were all the bad things that looks like almost like oil and it had gotten attached to his friend and then Venom has got stronger. Spider-Mans has tried to helps his friend by hitting poles that makes the evil stuff suffer and it helped so, then Spider-Man has thrown a bomb but it had gotten his friend and the bad stuff at the same time. R.I.P

Epic Heroes had been evolving from old heros were mostly people stopped watching but when it got new people started liking the way how heroes defeat enemies and they end in winning but at sometimes they might get thrown around by a enemy but still save the day and others really proud.

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