A Conversation Map for Mediating Thinking

Learning Focused Conversations

Many mentors may find themselves engaged in the three types of conversations described below:

  • Anticipating a new project, assignment or unit of study (Planning)
  • Looking back upon a meeting, event or any completed task (Reflecting)
  • Addressing a specific challenge or concern that is top of mind (Problem Solving)
Illustrative Example of a Conversation Map

Learning focused conversations represent authentic opportunities for mentors to continue to listen and by doing so foster the relational trust that is so important for successful mentoring relationships.

The conversation map below is intended to be a starting point for thinking. An attribute of skilled mentors is they demonstrate flexibility of stance and role based on the needs of the person they are working with.

Step by Step

(1) Elegant Paraphrase

(2) Explore Options

(3) Plan Next Steps

(4) Self-Evaluation

Example of a Learning Focused Conversation

The videos below are part of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) Mentor Training series and used here with permission from ETFO.