Redesign Professional Learning Environment IDEO

1. EdTech Coordinator

2. School Administration

3. EdTech Colleagues

4. Participating Teachers

I chose IDEO because it's a human-centered design. When you understand the people you're trying to reach and you design your training for them the results can be amazing. Not only Will you create buy-in but you come up with ideas that the participants will embrace. The human-centered design is both how you think and what you do with. The inspiration phase it's all about Learning on-the-fly and opening yourself up to new ideas. As long as the ideas are designed the participants you can't go wrong. During the ideation portion, you come up with ideas no matter how crazy they are. The feedback from your participants is a crucial part of the ideation portion. During the implementation phase, you will build the relationships are necessary to allow for the ongoing support that is necessary for a good professional development. By using the IDEO model it will help ensure for successful professional development that can benefit both the presenter and the participants.

• Discovery: the discovery portion of my IDEO training I will develop a way for the participants to practice discovery learning. I will give them a task or even a scavenger hunt that will allow them to use discovery to learn about the topic. An example of this could be a digital (or not) breakout from breakout EDU.

• Interpretation: after the participants complete the scavenger hunt I will have them complete in a brainstorming session. This will allow the participants to interpret the ideas discover during the scavenger. This is a crucial part because otherwise, the pieces may not fall together for what it is we are trying to do.

• Ideation: after we complete share I will have some time for brainstorming. Allow the participants to throw out any crazy ideas they come. As a group, we will try to narrow down the ideas to a couple usable thoughts.

• Experimentation: after we come up with some workable ideas the participants will begin to experiment with those ideas. If the group is large enough I will break them off into smaller groups so each small group can work on an idea.

• Evolution: at the end of this training my hope will be that we have a product we can all be proud of. Hopefully, once the training is complete the participants will continue to tweak and change the product to make it their own to best meet the needs of their students.

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