Americans life in 1800

Alexis de Tocqueville

1800's Americans hung their flags high proud to be an American citizen. They felt like they had a national identity "I do not know a country where the love of money holds a larger place in the heart of man"-Democracy in America. It was becoming a wealthy country and not a lot of people are complaining. Americans were free and proud of the country they made. Will I was traveling to America I believed that America would be a happy cheerful place with new ideas.


The politics in America are very intriguing as the American System was created by Henry Clay which changed a lot. His system is about federal planning, taxes on imported goods, and a new national bank to standardize currency and provide credit. Clay also believes that America's future relied in capitalism which is an economic system. Daniel Webster of Massachusetts served several years in both house and senate. He bitterly opposed the War of 1812 after the war he strongly talked about Clay's American System. “Let us act under a settled conviction, and an habitual feeling, that these twenty-four states are one country”- Daniel Webster 1825.

Era of Good Feelings politics


Americas art, how does one explain it? Unique is the best word I have found. There were a couple different styles. Folk art which was made by ordinary people unlike other artists who are usually professionals they also used more traditional methods. There was also portraits which isn't that strange as everyone who has money will get a portrait of them or their family. The Hudson River School style of art is more focused on nature beautiful scenic art that looks like you are actually their! John James Audubon made wonderful painted portraits of birds very natural and elegant. George Caitlin usually painted art based on Native Americans and their culture and how it's disappearing. All unique and wonderful art styles!

Hudson River School art style


The Music in America is very elegant and expresses their national identity. Before the 1800s they didn't get to express much through music as it was only in church so now they could. Orchestras played classical from where I'm from Europe. The dances astonishing lively minutes, gavottes, mazurkas, and waltzes. Sometimes you could see the women show their ankles very risky if you ask me.Square dancing is very popular in the south and west. Callers would tell the dancers which steps to take will a fiddler would play music. Anthems are songs about battles and fighting for the freedom of America. For example “Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight”- The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key is about what he saw after the fight was over will stuck in a enemy ship to see who won. Minstrel songs is debated as it is honoring African American music by mimicking it but sometimes the mimicking can come off as rude as they will paint their faces black and wear ragged clothes and over exaggerate their voices. Americans will show how they're proud of their nation through their music.

Minstrel song example


Now to explain the literature in America different authors would write differently. Washington Irving wrote story's called “Rip Van Winkle” “The Legend of sleepy hollow” which were more scary stories. James Fenimore Cooper wrote the “The last of Mohicans” about settlers in the wilderness. Davy Crockett was another writer who wrote a story about himself called “The Crockett Almanac” the story is very exaggerated each tail different. “Killed three bears, in little or no time”-Davy Crockett. He was very individual as he wrote a story about himself took something real and then it was told to every family people changing it to make it sound more interesting. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the midnight ride of Paul Revere which is about a common man in the battle of Lexington and Concord.

Sleepy Hollow (not original)

Not Everyone

But for slaves, Native Americans, and women it wasn't all of era of good feelings. This is because Native Americans land is slowly being taken from them and no matter how hard they try they're being pushed out of there own land. Slaves aren't being treated right at all as someone who comes from a place where slaves have been freed (by that I mean France). It's bizarre to see America is moving forward from us but still a step back. The African Americans are mocked and treated awfully. “Turn about and wheel about, and do just so. And every time I turn about I Jump Jim Crow”-from a song by. Thomas Dartmouth Rice who made minstrel songs. Women are also not treated well they feel treated less equal than men and some will say they have more in common with slaves than they do with men.

Slaves treated badly


In conclusion my trip to America has proved my thesis right mostly. My thesis was America would be a happy cheerful place with new ideas. It was a very cheerful place with the dancing, music, and stories. But to some people like Native Americans and slaves it wasn't as cheerful as it was to others. There was definitely new ideas with different music, art styles, dancing, and politics. I learned that people in America are very independent and have there own ways in doing things. For example all the different art styles there were and different music and dancing like square dancing. There was even different types of stories some over exaggerated to make it more interesting. I have learned a lot that I will pass on but even with all the amazing things in America they still aren't perfect and like each country there is a long way to go for perfection perhaps it will never be reached.

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