Magento Training Integration FAQ

These FAQs provide information about the 2020 integration of Magento Training into the corresponding Adobe learning systems.

What is changing related to Magento training?

A: All fee-based Magento courses will be sold via Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) and on learning.adobe.com from July 10th onward. Simultaneously, the ability to purchase Magento courses via u.magento.com will be discontinued and visitors will be re-directed to the ADLS website.

Why is this change being made?

A: Since Magento was acquired by Adobe in 2018, we have been working to consolidate and streamline operations. By incorporating Magento training into Adobe systems and processes, we will improve the customer experience and bring more valuable resources to the Magento training program.

What is Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS)

A: ADLS is home to the formal, public-facing, fee-based training offered by Adobe.

Will the list of Magento courses be affected by these changes?

A: All fee-based Magento courses will continue to be available at learning.adobe.com. Magento U’s free training offerings will continue to be available through Magento U and will move to Adobe Experience League in August.

Is Magento U going away?

A: No. All Magento training and certification will continue to be offered. The transition will simply move them to the Adobe Digital Learning Services platform.

Is there any kind of "blackout period" during this transition?

A: During our data migration period of June 26 through July 10, 2020, you will continue to have full access to all of your courses via the Magento learning portal. However, you will not be able to make new purchases or enrollments, and any progress you make toward course completion during that time will not be captured for migration to ADLS.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the change?

A: You will need to complete any in-progress on-demand courses before June 21 in order for your completion status to be brought over to ADLS

Where can I view the list of Magento courses that are available for purchase or registration after integration ?

A: First, go to learning.adobe.com and select the Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud icon to filter for existing Magento courses. Next, click on the desired title to open the course details page and initiate a purchase/enrollment.

How do I get support for questions regarding Magento sales and training access?

A: You can reach the ADLS support team at adls@adobe.com.

Will coupon codes or vouchers for Magento courses issued before July 6 still work in the new systems?

A: Yes. All Magento vouchers and coupons issued prior to July 10 will still work in the Adobe system. If you experience any issues, please reach out to adls@adobe.com for support.

Are the free-to-the-public Magento U offerings going away?

A: We are moving free-to-the-public Magento training from Magento U to Adobe Experience League. It will be hosted on the Magento U site until August 17 followed by a transition to the Experience League site from August 17 onward.

Where do I access free-to-the-public Magento training after August 17?

A: Go to Adobe Experience League and sign in. Note: you need to have an Adobe ID to access Experience League.

How will I access my Magento courses after migration to Adobe systems has taken place?

A: Go to learning.adobe.com and select My Learning.