Starbucks! Hidden truths....

What's the place you want to go to most when you're sweaty and thirsty? For me, it's STARBUCKS! Although it is extremely overpriced and tastes not that good tbh, It's perfect for Instagram photos!

Anyways, Starbucks is a coffee company that was founded in 1971 in Seattle. I almost never get the caramel frappuccino. Not because it taste's bad, because it's AMAZING. But because it doesn't look pretty and will not match my Instagram feed! I almost always get Teavana, which is a artificially bright pink raspberry drink that tastes like medicine, and I never finish it. But it is very prettyyyyy!!!!

I like to get the There has been recent proof that Starbucks is part of the illuminati. Have you ever gotten your name misspelled on Starbucks? It's a common mistake. Well, many think that the employees have been DOING THIS ON PURPOSE! They know that many people think it is funny when their names are misspelled, so they post it on Instagram, causing Starbucks to gain MORE fame.


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