the Good Life: The Harn Mckenzie Keightley

Art and the Good Life

Frida Kahlo evokes the theme of embodying the good life. As we talked about earlier this semester, Kahlo used herself and her clothing as a work of art. Her physical form was an embodiment of her spiritual self. These are portraits of Kahlo evoking her natural self. In these portraits you can clearly see her confidence and pride, portraying to us how she embodied the good life.

Medium/Technique of the Art

These pieces are by Edouard Manet. The medium is transferred lithograph, which means the image is carved or etched into metal, wood, or another soft medium. I found these interesting because of their fading quality, as if they have been left unfinished. I also enjoy the monochromatic coloring. These also stood out to me because they are in reference to Edgar Allen Poe, one of my favorite writers. Like his eerie poems, these pieces are the same. They have a eerie feeling to them, leaving you asking questions. These made me feel curious and wanting more, making me appreciate the works.

Design of the Museum

The Asian art wing, particularly the garden, were most appealing to me. Nature and the outdoors are a huge part of my life, which is why this exhibit drew me in. What was also appealing is the species that were involved. It was neat to see what plant species are native to Asia and found there, as I am very interested in plants.The garden brought me joy and peace, which is what gardens are meant for at many times. It was nice to have a little bit of outdoors between walking through the building looking at art pieces.

Art and Core Values

The Guerrilla Girls prints were important to me because they represent something very important, especially in society today. These prints are depicting what it's like to be a woman in the art world and any other workplace as well. Equality is a value that is close to my heart, and a value that is being challenged at this moment in time. I appreciate the Guerrilla Girls and their pieces because they are fighting for women and giving a voice to women who don't have influence. It reinforced=s my own beliefs and gives me hope even when things feel hopeless.
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