Spring Break What i did over spring break

My Spring Breaks was boring and I literally did nothing for my Spring Break. I just stayed home watch hulu and youtube. I also play games on my Ipad when I'm tired of watching stuff.

I spended most time watch tv shows and movies on hulu. I like watching the Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show is super funny. FYI I was born in Brooklyn, New York.
Every night, I went to sleep at 2 or 3pm and wake up at 10 am in the morning. I would be watching youtube video until I fall asleep.
I also spend most of Spring Break watching YouTube. My favorite youtuber is Guava Juice. He would fill his bathtub with bunch of things. In one of its episode he filled his bath tube full of ramen noodles. He also filled it up with sriracha sauce.
I played Mobile Legend over spring break. It's like league of legends (lol). I play it on my Ipad and sometime I rage quit when I go against someone that's very experience playing this game.
I actually read over my Spring Break! I had to get some reading points in for Language Arts. So I decided to read some books. I actually finished one book called the False Prince and I enjoy the book a lot and I love the way how the book ended. The book ended with a HUGE twist of plot!
Thank You for reading what I did over Spring Break. It wasn't very exciting but it was way better than going to school! I hope you had a awesome Spring Break!

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