Cheer up, Slow down, chill out Yes, this is Byron Bay's Slogan!

I visited Byron Bay for the first time when I was Nineteen. In my naivety, I was unaware that a destination could actually break your heart, and I don't use that expression lightly. It was a calm morning and just as the early morning glow subsided, the ocean began to glimmer. I stood at its shoreline, as if to say farewell to a childhood crush. I was unsure what had just happened. But I knew we were about to leave. It physically hurt to depart this place. While I would come to understand this later, as a younger lad, I was unaware you could love a location in this way.

The vibe in Byron isn't something that words or images do justice to. It's constantly changing and forever the same. Truly timeless. The mornings start slow and kinda cruise on like that for the rest of the day. Later in the day, the sun slips towards the horizon. After many beautiful hours of sunshine, it blends up a cocktail of equal parts traveler and local, add a few splashes of hippy, a shot of chic, and garnish with a sprig of serenity. There is a spiritedness that carries something with it and you'll be either drawn to the apres-sun acoustic session by the beach, or find yourself drifting toward the beating drums in the distance. You'll be glad you did, no matter what you do.

The essence of Byron

Filling a day won't be an issue around here. We took a kayaking trip out around the headland and on our travels we met a few pods of dolphins, which is actually not unusual around these parts. Turtles are often also seen poking their heads above the surface to take in their surroundings. (This was my third time sharing a twin Kayak... My take away: Twin kayaks are the work of the devil. 🤪)

JR's cramp got the better of him. He bailed. Abruptly 🤣

That evening we took a hike up to Cape Byron Lighthouse. A fantastic moderate hike up-hill, (which seemed to be uphill on the way back too🤔). The route back brings you through a rainforest and to hear the waves crashing against the shore creates a sublime symphony of nature. The evening spoils us with choices, with great dining options to suit all tastes and budgets. But The Railway Bar (or the Rails as it's known locally) is a local favorite and the live music perfectly syncs with the chilled out atmosphere. The local Beer, Stone and Wood is one of my favs and the pale ale goes down perfectly after a day of exploring.

Tough to see, but the top kayak pic, look close... #thosebeDolphins

In full disclosure, I hear Byron does get busy in peak season. If passing through here at weekends in Dec, Jan or Feb book well in advance and maybe stay a little outside the town. Accommodation has all preferences catered for. On my last visit, we were in a hostel, this time we stayed about 4 miles outside town @Byron at Byron Resort and it was so perfect.

Be sure to take a trip with @CapeByronKayaks (their guides are fantastic) and you MUST try your hand at Surfing with the ever patient team @LetsGoSurfing. Surfing at Byron is special, sitting in a line up with dolphins is unforgetable. There are so many ways to spend a few days here, I didn't even include the inland options, or a few little hidden gems that we promised to keep secret 😉 (or at least only share with a few favorite clients). This region is a prime example of the benefiting from using a Travel Consultant that is familiar with the region and an Aussie Specialist preferably.🤓.

Till next time!

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