Easter The Stacey Edition

Easter is this super fascinating, celebratory, and spiritual holiday. But, let’s be honest, at the same time Easter is incredibly awkward. Now I don’t mean awkward in that seventh grade, brace-face, first middle school dance sort of way. But awkward in the you’re invited to your mother-in-law's Easter brunch and have to make appetizers but have no idea what to make kind of way. Do you go with the fan favorite, finger food, pigs-in-a-blanket? Or do you stick to the sophisticated route and go with marinated goat cheese crostini’s? These fuzzy food expectations are then combined with Easter’s grossly vague and ambiguous dress code (which can range from your typical day at the beach attire to your Sunday’s best) and leaves holiday goers in a precarious predicament. Now I get that these questions don’t elicit life changing consequences, per say, but they can infuse Easter with a twinge of stress, uncertainty, and apprehension.

A snippet of Easter at the Stacey's

With all of that being said, I would like to offer my family’s take on the typical Easter traditions, with the hope that it may provide sense simplicity and solace on a potentially otherwise complicated and confusing holiday!

"He is Risen!"

In the Stacey household, every Easter Sunday starts off with a mandatory trip to church. For one Sunday out of the entire year, you best arrive to church at least five minutes early in your preselected, color coordinated, family attire (a family photo always follows service), with a smile on call, and your right hand ready to shake. Easter service, in my opinion, is one of the best and often includes a few extra worship songs, scripture readings, and Hallelujah's from the congregation.

(PSA: while at church on Easter Sunday, if someone exclaims “He is risen” the appropriate response is “He is risen, indeed!” 19 years later and I’ve finally got it down.)

Following service, my family heads home for a quick change into more casual clothes and then we make our way over to my aunt’s house for the day’s festivities. An egg hunt, a meal, and endless laughs are always on our agenda, as I suspect they are for many families. However, in the Stacey household, the egg hunt isn’t about eggs…it’s about pride…it’s about bragging rights…its about becoming a family legend. Cutthroat and ruthless would be an understatement to describe the hyper competitive, Hunger Game’s like atmosphere that is the annual Stacey-Wright egg hunt. As the youngest in my family and a 2X egg hunt champion, I can attest to the fact that there is no mercy shown but only blood spilled and memories made (ok, the “blood spilled” may be a bit dramatic, but if someone doesn’t end up getting stitches, was it really a family get together?)

The Egg.

After working up an appetite and diffusing the competitive tension, all family members are then summoned into the dining room for a calorically indulgent, deliciously decadent, and simply scrumptious meal. This year my aunt, as usual, out did herself with a three course menu.


Mini Quiches and Fried Mach & Cheese Bites


Honeybaked Ham, Cowboy Bean Stew, Asparagus, Cheesy Potato's, Homemade Rolls


Lemon tart, Sanders Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Chips, Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream

Like every other occasion, the Easter Sunday meal is dominated by laughs, recalling embarrassing childhood memories, and questions as to why me and all other the grandchildren aren’t off and married by now. Cliché it may be, but awesome food with awesome people always seems to make for a truly awesome holiday.

So there it is, the Easter holiday done the Stacey way. Although Easter is definitely not a cookie cutter holiday, a church service, an egg hunt, and a meal can pretty much be guaranteed (and if they aren’t, I’d highly suggest reconsidering who you are spending your Easter holiday with!) But when it comes to the food and the dress code, anything seems to be fair game. So this Easter holiday, bring a change of clothes, an appetite for anything, and if you find yourself feeling awkward, simply and spontaneously declare “He is risen” because that is one thing for certain!

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