Florida Museum of Natural History By Lorenzo Giordano

I found the butterfly and garden exhibit at the museum the most appealing. It gave me a strong sense of calm and a feeling of being intertwined with the natural environment surrounding me as I walked the path with butterflies flying around me while surrounded by the beautiful plants in the garden. The path built allows you to immerse yourself in the garden even if for a short time because you are constantly surrounded by greenery. It showed me how all of these plants and animals live along side each other so peacefully and harmonized.

The butterfly garden gives you a lesson in peacefulness and calm that seems to almost be forced upon you. At the butterfly garden I was able to appreciate and admire the surrounding nation but also be able to respect the delicacy of it. It seems that others also recognized the beauty of the garden and were quite content experiencing it. The garden allowed us to come face to face with nature and realize how it is our duty to protect its fragile position.

The fossils in the museum reminds us of the amazing power of nature and lets our mind contemplate how living things are designed and how they have developed over time. It is a mystery how living things came about and how they are finely tuned machines designed to survive on the planet, each in their own way.

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