PoEmS cole shuba

Laughter, I hear u here I hear you there I can hear you everywhere At the zoo, And at the park, I can hear you when it's dark. At the playground, And at the pool. I can hear it all over school. In the morning at throughout the night, You make, some, smiles look so bright,
This photo of Mother and I From when I was young, Venturing out to the beach almost everyday, Her smile so warm The sunset so peaceful Waves crashing in the background. The two of us Our faces so dark Like a cloudy moonless sky Yet you can still see the smile on her face.
Shortness I am short Yes that is true But there's not much of a difference, Between me and you We both enjoy sports And being very active And we both know i'm extremely attractive. Although you may not, believe this is true, I can see sparks flying beside the both of us, me and you!


Created with images by Willian_Ferreira_Soares - "BMX" • Always Shooting - "Bloody Sunrise" • Karen_O'D - "Sunset 3" • newsong - "inches imperial measure"

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