Lino-cut print of Endangered Sumatran Tiger Emma worthington

The parameters of this assignment were to create a lino-cut print of an endangered species. The must be some kind of pattern, overlaying of foreground and background, and the subject continuing off at least 3 sides of the page. The design challenge was to put a face to the endangered species, to give the creature sympathy to the onlooker.

When drawing the Sumatran Tiger, I wanted the main focus to be the face, and to include a lot of detail on the and around the eye, so that it had an expression. I think that I chose a good pose because instead of portraying the tiger as a viscous predator, it shows the tigers emotions so it is no longer something to be afraid of.
Process of printing & cutting.

Overall I think this project went pretty well. The cutting tools will a little hard to work with but nothing a little adjusting couldn't handle. I did have to be extra careful though, because if I concentrated to much on the cutting I would accidentally stab myself with the tools. It took me awhile to finish because I wanted to take my time, and I think it was a good idea too because the final result turned out well.

Final Product

I think my end result turned out very well, you can easily distinguish the foreground and the background, and the cuts are clean and shaven. Although it could of used a little more ink in some places, the ink otherwise looks opaque, neat, and un-smudged. I was a little worried about transferring a drawing to a print, but it worked out well and I could still put the same amount of detail that I wished to put in from when I was brainstorming and sketching.

Created By
Emma Worthington

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