CYBER SAFTEY By alannah, Lachie, DaviD & chelsea

Part 1

Who is vunrebale to cyber bulling?

Anyone is vunrebale to cyber bullying. But the most common age group to be targeted is teenagers, they are mostly targeted through social media. But it isn't just teenagers who are vunrebale, adults can also be targeted with spam phone calls and emails.

Part 2

What are the consequences of cyber bulling?

Depending upon the acts and motives of the bully, there can be legal consequences like lawsuits and criminal charges that can be brought against the bullies.

How to deal with cyber bulling:

1. Talk to someone you trust- it is vital to tell someone you trust if you are being cyber bullied. They can help stop the bullying before the situation gets worse

2.Report the bullying to the internet service provider (ISP)- if the bully is targeting you through social media, reporting the bully to the ISP, makes the service aware of them and they can block them from you.

3. Report the bullying to your mobile phone provider- like reporting the bully to the ISP, reporting to your mobile phone provider means they will be blocked from your number and unable to contact you.

4. Block instant messages and emails- you can also block the bully from your emails and messages so they are unable to contact you.

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