How do you stop sports injuries and concussions?

Have you ever had an injury from sports? I have broke my right wrist playing football. More than 4,000,000 emergency room visits resulted from extreme sports during 2000 and 2011. Vani Sabesan is an expert who is worried about extreme sports injury, her studies have shown the neck and head injuries have gone up.
So how can you enjoy sports without getting seriously hurt. One option is to wear more protective gear and another one is start slow and work your way up in tricks and other skills.

Football helmet to helmet injuries have been increasing. In the 2015 NFL season diagnosed 271 players with a concussion, it was a 32% increase from the 2014 season. In regular season games alone was a 58% increase with 182 diagnosed with a concussion. A concussion happens when the brain rattles within the cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull, think about it like this, a ice cube floating in water, the ice cube is the brain and the fluid is the water when you shake the glass to fast the ice cube hits the sides but when it is slower it doesn't hit the side or the water has time to cushion it. Concussion causes head trauma. Even though the concussion are hard to stop here is a way to stop it, increase the rule for head to head contact or make more rules for head to head contact. Another way is to build a better helmet. A problem for helmets today is when contact to there head causes there neck to spin fast and then stop which results in a concussion, One way to make helmets better is not to make them harder, but make them softer to absorb the hit.

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