Welcome to Term 3! Please read the information below to find out about the programs students will be completing this term at school and some strategies that parents can be using to assist their children at home.

Please note, out Stage 3 Parent Workshop is on 8-9am, Tuesday 13 August. This workshop aims to provide parents and carers with an understanding of the content and skills being taught this term and to equip them with practical strategies that can be used at home. If you would like to attend this workshop, please complete the Google Form in the link below.

The Big Question being explored across the school this term is, 'How Do We Know?'

Our Big Question for this term is "How Do We Know?"

Important Dates and Days

Stage 3 should dress in sports uniform on Tuesday and Friday, and the winter school uniform on all other days. Library bags should be brought on Friday. Please refer to the information below to see important dates for this term.

  • Tuesday 6 August: Combined Band Day at Cammeraygal High School (Band Students)
  • Monday 12 August: Year 6 Excursion - Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Tuesday 13 August: Stage 3 Parent Workshop (8-9am)
  • Wednesday 14 August: Year 5 Excursion - Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Wednesday 4 September: The Great Book Swap - Indigenous Literacy Foundation
  • Monday 9 September: Athletics Zone Carnival - Field
  • Tuesday 10 September: Athletics Zone Carnival - Track
  • Thursday 12 September: Spring Soiree
  • Monday 16 September - Friday 20 September: Student-Led Conferences
  • Wednesday 25 September: Stage 3 Vivid Festival


As well as the core learning apps shown on Anzac Park's BYOD Policy, we ask that families download the apps shown below by Monday 5 August. All apps are free unless otherwise stated.

Please download these apps onto your child's iPad by Monday 5 August.


Concept - Context and Representation

Through their examination of 'Context and Representation' students will explore texts from other cultures to analyse how personal understandings, beliefs and experiences are portrayed. They will learn ways to enhance their own texts by using strategies to assist readers' comprehension.

Students will examine written and multimodal texts to explore how different modes of text can support meaning. They will investigate how grammar and visual literacy techniques can be used by authors to communicate more clearly, and will put these into practice themselves.

Our learners will also be focusing on spelling rules, through differentiated instruction, supported through the use of 'Words their Way' assessments, 'Literacy Planet' software and student self-reflection.

Stage 3 will be continuing to use Literature Circles to build reading and comprehension skills through tasks aligned with the Super 6 Strategies.

To encourage an enthusiasm for writing, parents may want to look into the following two competitions in which children can enter work. These challenges are both suitable for Stage 3 students. Please be aware of competition deadlines.


Concept - Spatial Relationships

The Stage 3 Mathematics program uses explicit teaching strategies and project-based learning to help students develop a well-rounded understanding of content and skills.

Through connections with our Geography unit, students will learn how to use position and data to share an understanding of a country.

In alignment with our visual arts program, students will learn how to transform and manipulate two-dimensional shapes.

To evaluate how a place can be enhanced, Stage 3 will be using our understandings of addition and subtraction, fractions and decimals, length, and area.

The Stage 3 Mathematics syllabus puts a large focus on understanding and manipulating fractions and decimal numbers. It is important that teachers use a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches to build student understandings in this area. Below are some additional games and activities that parents could use to support their child's learning of this knowledge.


Concept - Place and Space

In Geography, students will be exploring the diversity of Asia and Australia's connections with Asia. This will include engaging in a case-study of Malaysia, examining its position, social and economic data, cultures, tourism and trade.

Parents can support their child in their home learning project to create their own case-study of a country. Please read the 'home learning' section below for more detail.


Concept - context and Representation

Stage 3 students will examine a range of artistic styles before using a design-thinking process to create a Vivid installation for Anzac Park exploring the question, 'How Do We Know?' This project will culminate in a Vivid festival evening to which Stage 3 families will be invited.


Concept - Connection

In Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, students will explore how having a healthy, safe and active lifestyle can enhance connections with others. This will involve evaluating the reliability of health information from different sources and exploring how media and people in the community influence personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours. They will also be working cooperatively to solve movement challenges in physical activities, games and sports.

Home Learning

In our Geography unit, students will be supported to complete a case-study on Malaysia, by recognising its unique characteristics and connection with Australia. Their home learning project is to develop their own case study of a different country in Asia.

While this project is designed for students to independently complete, some parents and carers may find value in supporting their child to build more rich and multifaceted understandings.

Please refer to the rubric below to see the success criteria for this task.

Our three teachers, Jeremy Hart (jeremy.hart13@det.nsw.edu.au), Holly Wilson (holly.wilson26@det.nsw.edu.au) and John Beattie (john.beattie16@det.nsw.edu.au) look forward to continuing to work with you and your child.

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