Chaco National Park By: Melissa Foster

Chetro Ketl

The first day after we finally got there after the 1 day 6 hour drive. We went on quick hike on the trail that runs through Chetro Ketl which was 1/2 a mile. Chetro Ketl is the second largest Chacoan great house which is over 3 acres and has one great kiva and other elevated kivas.

Casa Rinconada

The next day we went Casa Rinconada. Which is one of the villages and saw all the different houses and buildings. It short but steep climbs to it but it was fun.

Hungo Pavi

Finally on our last day we decided to go to Hungo Pavi. It is a unexcated Chacoun great house which had over 150 rooms, a great kiva, and a enclosed plaza. We didn't get to see the plaza but it was still fun either way.

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