Pax by:Nicholas

A little boy and a fox were friends. The boy's name was Peter. Peter and the fox were very close friends. Peter only found him when Pax was a kit.
Peters dad went to Peters grandfathers house. On the way Peters dad put on the brakes. Peter knew what was going to happen, he had to abandon Pax.
He threw his toy soldier as a bait Pax chased it into the woods.
Peter's dad closed the door of the car Pax looked behind his back seeing the door close,Pax ran as fast he could he wasn't fast enough Pax ran back to the toy solider.
Pax met a vixen named Bristle. She had a brother named Runt.


Created with images by tomcrouse - "Vault Boy" • d315thedeity - "096" • Hugo-90 - "tC out in the forest" • jans canon - "fox"

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