Mrs. Colleen Rollins 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

I am thrilled that your children are in my class this year! I am very excited to get started. I believe that success can only occur when there is a strong connection between home and school. You are your child's first teacher and you know him or her better than anyone else in the world. Please feel free to share with me any information that will give me a better understanding of your child. My email address is: cgrollins@cps.edu

Here is a little bit about me. I have been a teacher for the past 14 years. I have taught mainly 6th-8th grade both at Trumbull Elementary and Lorca. In the past, I have taught 5th grade Mathematics and 6th grade Language Arts. Now, I teach Language Arts and Social Studies. I have two beautiful children. My oldest will be starting 3rd grade and my youngest is in Pre-K 4. I have been married for 11 years and have the best dog in the word, Wrigley.

We love to travel and experience the world around us. Our weekends are full of laughter and sports, everything from baseball, soccer, swimming, laser tag, and minerature golf.

I love teaching and learning from each of your children. I am looking forward to the fun year ahead of us:)

Homework will be entered in Google Classroom daily and please make sure you are checking Parent Portal for updates on your child's grades.

Social Studies: In Social Studies, our main focus is becoming independent learners that can use their time wisely to accomplish our class goals. Students work on a variety of activities in small groups to gain a better understanding of the material. We incorporate centers and current events as a way for each student to become apart of the world around them. Throughout the year, we will be working on the following units: Unit 1: Geography; Unit 2: Mesopotamia; Unit 3: Ancient Egypt; Unit 4: Ancient Greece and Rome

Language Arts: In Language Arts, students develop knowledge of reading skills that can be applied towards all content levels. They will learn to collaborate, present, and discuss effectively the texts presented within the class through literature circles. In addition, our students will grow from the experiences of each of our characters as they are developed throughout each novel. Each unit has a theme that the student can connect to. Unit 1: Childhood-Novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio; Unit 2: Exploration- Peak by Roland Smith; Unit 3: Modern Technology - Various novels; Unit 4: Imagination- Novel: Jakeman by Deborah Ellis

Starting in early October, you should be seeing your child reading from their novel nightly at home

Personalized learning in our classroom: Students have a daily choice on flexible seating options to optimize their learning. They get to choose between a variety of designated stations including, kneeling, standing, and cozy corners. They also have the option to choose a variety of chairs like a wobbly stool, a kneeling mat, a stability ball chair, and sensory fidget bands. Our goal is to enhance each student's learning and make their classroom environment conducive to their success.


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