気候危機へ挑むー私たちにできること Challenging the Climate Crisis ー What We Can Do


This is the online version of Kiko Network's special exhibition held at the University of the Sacred Heart (Bldg. 4) titled "Challenging the Climate Crisis — What We Can Do". Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures BE*hive exhibition space has been temporarily closed, which is why we decided to create this digital version of the exhibit. Please do have a look!


Accelerating Climate Change, Close to Reaching Tipping Point



[Large-scale forest fires wreck great havoc]

Terrible bushfires have plagued Australia since September 2019, burning down 17 million hectares so far — equivalent to approximately half the area of Japan! Many are very concerned about the impacts on ecosystems, while some types of koalas and kangaroos are dangerously close to being extinct.



[Okinawa’s coral reefs bleach]

As of 2016, 97% of the largest coral reef in Okinawa, Japan, has bleached. Experts say that were the average global temperature to rise by 2°, almost all of the world’s coral reefs would go extinct.



[Heatwaves and record high temperatures]

July 23rd, 2018: Kugayama in Saitama prefecture recorded its highest temperature since observations began, 41.1° Celsius. Over the whole summer that year, 95,137 people nationwide had to receive emergency care after suffering heat strokes.



[Heavy rainfall in Kyushu]

In August of 2019, the Northern parts of Kyushu were hit by record-setting rainfall, causing 110,000 liters of oil to leak at the iron factory Saga Tekkosho, and the death of 4 people. In 2017, 40 people had died and 2 had gone missing in Fukuoka and Oita after heavy rainfall.



[Typhoon Hagibis aftermath: Recovery takes months]

October 2019: typhoon Hagibis striked Eastern Japan. In Nagano prefecture, the Chikuma river flooded, resulting in damages of nearly 130 billion yen. Over 140 river dikes collapsed and rivers flooded in vast areas of Kanto and Tohoku.



[Air pollution, a health risk]

Air pollution like in China with PM levels of 2.5 can pose serious threats to human health, with particularly bad impacts on cardiovascular systems. In 2015, 4.2 million people are thought to have died around the world as a consequence of air pollution.


Japan's Response — Lagging Behind with Coal Power Promotion

Transportation 交通


Cars, buses, trucks are another great source of CO2 emissions. Of Japan’s total CO2 emissions from cars, around 45% stem from private-use vehicles. Vehicles also emit other environmentally harmful gases like methane and nitrous oxide.

Coal 石炭


Coal-fired power plants is one of the biggest source of Japan’s CO2 emissions. Coal emits CO2 more than double compared to natural gas.But, Japan has continued to build 50 new coal power plants since 2012.

Iron 鉄


Iron manufacturing processes make use of coal and thus emit large amounts of CO2, which accounts for around 10 % of Japan’s total emissions. To reduce CO2 emissions, using recycled iron as well as developing new, non-coal technologies is required.

Food 食


About a third of total global greenhouse gas emissions stem from what we eat, where our food comes from and how it is produced, processed and handled, which causes biodiversity loss. Meat is one of the biggest issues — incredibly resource intensive, requiring large amounts of freshwater and huge areas of land.


We Have the Power to Change Our Future

もう手遅れ? そんなことはありません。変える力をもっているのは、「あなた」です。一人ひとりのアクションは小さいかもしれない。でも周りを見渡せば、アクションをしている人がいます。あなたも「仲間」になってみませんか?

It’s too late? The answer is “NO”. The power of change lies with you. You might think that you alone cannot do anything, but when you look around, you will notice that there is already people taking action — and together, your actions have power.


Act Now!


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