Donna Osborn Case By: Hannah Cason, Mary Cochenour, Daria macarie and Ali shaw

Kim Lemore is an expert in the area of psychological disease such as battered woman syndrome, or BWS. Lemore possesses an Ed. D. in Education, a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in education. Lemore’s qualifications represent why she is a credible source when she claims that Donna Osborn is a victim of BWS. Lemore examined Osborn three times for forty-five minutes each and in the end she suspected abuse. Osborn denied being abused, felt guilty about her lack of effort in her relationship, began change, and took action by killing Clinton; these are the four stages of BWS. Osborn was beaten by the deceased. Clinton Osborn II, on many occasions to the point where she became a victim of battered women syndrome.

It was also mentioned by Clare Osborn, Clinton Osborn’s mother, that the Osborn’s child was found in his room beating on his teddy bear with a toy tennis racket, calling it a “bitch” and a “whore”. These words fell from the mouth of their 3 year old son. What prohibits a 3 year old to use such language? What was he really subjected to within the household? It is evident that violence and abuse was displayed in the home, so what will that do to this poor child? He is already exemplifying violent actions, so will this cruelty damage his future? Violence is learned. Barbarity is learned. Abuse is learned. Why are we ignoring the screams of this young boy? Why are his silent cries being overlooked?

Lee Harris is the director at Options For Battered Women. Harris has a MSW in social work and is very knowledgeable in this area of work. While Donna was being abused, he had been in contact with her and she had told him that she was being abused both verbally and physically. She revealed to him that she had injuries to her head which made it necessary for her to see a doctor, she needed 12 stitches. She had told Harris in one of their conversations that she was in the most fear that she has ever been in.

All of these things combined together show that Donna Osborn was truly in a life threatening situation where she felt she needed to protect not only her life, but her son’s too. Donna Osborn was utilizing her 2nd amendment to bear arms and defend herself and her son after her husband verbally threatened her. The examination by Kim Lenore that proved Donna Osborn had BWS, the Options For Battered Women records and the evidence found in the heartbreaking story of violent actions reflected onto her son all prove that Donna Osborn needed to defend herself and her son from her abusive, violent husband.


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