How the world defines a "Hick"

Being labeled as a "hick" involves these actions and appearances:

  • Driving a truck to school
  • Wearing camouflage
  • Taking lower level classes, not AP or honors
  • Likes to hunt and fish
  • Loud voices with Maine accents
  • Good sense of humor
  • Easily sociable

Advantages and Disadvantages of being labeled as a "Hick":

  • Care free kids who don't care about being "popular" or "weird"
  • Lots of friends with the same interests as them
  • In the middle of the social ladder
  • The higher level classes you are in, the more friends you make. Just because most of your friends are in lower classes so you'll be meeting new people.
  • These kids usually already have a future planned out in a family business

How others see "hicks":

  • "When I think of hicks, I think of boys that wear big boots and rev their engines in the back of the parking lot".
  • "I think of country folks and hunting".
  • "Looks dirty. Not polite".
  • "I automatically think they own a truck and think they are obnoxious and don't care much about their education and appearance".
  • "Always have dip in their mouth and wear mud boots".

I believe that people would label me as an athlete. These pictures explain why.

  • Play varsity sports with an expectation that to be good at all of them
  • TA is known to have to awesome sports teams so living up to that expectation is sometimes hard
  • Known for wearing jerseys to school on game days and at times a bit cocky about the team you are on
  • Most athletes are popular because they are more known throughout the school
  • These pictures I have shown above are a couple reasons why I am known to be more popular. People know my face from seeing photos like this in the paper.
  • Certain teams are the parties and others are more low key
  • Girls teams are less known for being the better kids and not getting into a much trouble
  • Boys get into more trouble because they are known for being wild


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