Our Popcicle Stick Bridge Ben Rothman, Jack Pietroski, & Andrew Robinson

Our First Bridge

Pictures of our design

We had to avoid going over a total of 50% glue coverage per popcicle stick. In order to achieve this and still have our bridge be strong, we decided to use an alternate stacking design (shown in image below).

Allied with the support that we had from or side design, we added triangles in order to distribute the weight evenly throughout the bridge.

Lastly we added supports on the top of our triangles to keep them connected.

Here is the video of our bridge testing

This Bridge held 36 pounds.

In the video you can see that the top pops right off. This is something we try to fix on our second bridge.

Other problems that we noticed caused our bridge to fail. One main issue was that there were large gaps in the bottom of our bridge. Having less supports in the middle of the bridge caused there to be a lack of strength where the weight would be applied (top picture). Along with the gaps, the way in which we attached the triangle was less than satisfactory. Finally our bridge relied too much on the glue, if we had been more efficient with our usage of glue and the strength of the conjoined sticks.

Our Second Bridge

We tried to fix most of the problems. Last time the top popped off and it wasn't very strong. So this time we tried to fix it by building arch. Last time the middle wasn't strong enough s we built two layers instead of one. The stacked popsicle design did work last time so we kept that design and made it stronger.

This Bridge held 41 pounds.

This is the video of our second bridge. In this video the top pops off also so we didn't really fix that problem. But the reason it popped off was because it was under so much pressure. The middle also snapped through but that was under a lot of pressure too.

When building a good bridge your bridge should not rely on the glue the bridge should be strong enough. Making everything well and measuring before you cut is also very helpful.

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