Cross fit Residence By:Taylor Colvin

My brother and cousins have an obsession with cross fit, they made a home gym in the downstairs of my cousins house so when they aren't at 978 they workout there. They bought all the equipment they need and workout everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day, they call it "The Cross fit Residence". My cousin Vinny started working out a couple years ago and lost a ridiculous amount of weight that's where the whole obsession started with, then he got my brother and his brother into it. Vinny is going into the army soon he leaves for boot camp April 16th, he wants to go and train to be in Infantry. They begin by making their pre-workout drinks. Then they make their way downstairs and write the white board for the day, laying out the workouts and amount of reps for the day. They start stretching using the muscle rollers,etc. After that they turn on the music and they blast it, you can always tell when they are working out because the whole house is shaking and you can clearly hear the music coming from the basement all the way to the second floor. Then they start their workout and go through the stations, it's a very fast pace, high intensity workout. After they are done they get their protein shakes and supplements and wait until they begin again.

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