Summit Peru 2018 Manu & the amazon rainforest

The first part of our Peru workshop took us high into the cloud forest of the Cosñipata Valley, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Here we spent our days photographing the amazing insects, birds, and waterfalls of this amazing ecosystem.

Canopy bridge in the cloud forest
Cloud forests at 12,000 feet
Our home for a week

Participant Photos From Cosñipata

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From Cosñipata we traveled by boat deep far along the Madre de Dios River towards Manu National Park where we spent the second portion of the workshop. A drastic change from the high altitudes of the Andes, the river basin was hot, humid, and full different types of extraordinary wildlife. From hundreds of macaws, giant river otters, capybara, and caiman we filled our memory cards every single day.

Trekking to a Macaw claylick along the Madre de Dios
Photographing hundreds of Macaws
Quick snack stop at Boca Manu
Our daily commute on the Madre de Dios
Sunset on the river
Searching for giant river otters
Catching the drone
Trying our hands at catching piranhas for dinner
Photographing piranha fishing
The oxbow lake, home of the otters

Participant Photos From Madre de Dios

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October 10 - 22

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