BellissimaLifestyle Artisn floors corp. Enterprise International - usa chapter

Bellissima Founder Andre Sarkiss aka Desert Carmel/ Item No. : AS-DC with an Armenia Cambodia West and East cultural Mixed background started he's Enterprise in the early 1900. Natural borned talents with highest skills tied him connected with the Powerful Sweden Mafia Candemir Family Boss Hanna Candemir aka ACE - All you can eat. And Korea street gangster superstar Underground Boss Don Hur aka 阿里郎 Ari-rang,

Spy work at Auto Zone 2016
Las Vegas Jewhadeleya Boss Alex Hoho
New Chinaman Power NCP leader George Kawayi
Forbes ranking 9,876,543,210,123,456 in the world
Meeting with BBBBB group leader New Jersey Lady Boss aka Be Black or Be Baked
Ktown Karaoke King pop the IIIXX aka Mr We
Estimate $375 weekly income in 2016
King Buffet VIP
Twin brother Andre Kisssar

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