NBMS GT Newsletter March 2021 Edition

GT Portfolios

GT Students are busy creating digital portfolios to showcase their gt projects and experiences throughout the year. These portfolios will be added to their cumulative school folders & can provide students with possibilities to share evidence of their work & talents for future scholarship, university or employment opportunities.


EOY GT Evaluations will be emailed to parents & students on Friday, May 28. evaluations give students and parents the opportunity to reflect on the past year's experiences and determine strengths & areas of potential growth. it's a great learning opportunity for setting both short & long term goals for both personal & academic success.

T-Shirt Orders

We have t-shirts ready for those who ordered. If you missed ordering, we have a few t-shirts remaining that will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please send $10 with your student. Shirts will be available in the library for purchase. All shirts are navy & white. see sizes below.
Last chance until next year!
6th graders have been working on a variety of projects, but have had a chance to participate in several specific lessons that target social emotional issues. One lesson that is particularly special is An Attitude of Gratitude, where students had the opportunity to reflect on the many things and people they are grateful for. They concluded the activity by writing thank you cards to teachers to express their appreciation and gratitude. Teachers loved it! It’s always so wonderful to have students reach out to say thank you and I think the kiddos really had their hearts and minds open to how gratitude can improve their lives each and every day! Hopefully, you have benefited from their lessons by receiving a special hug or thank you yourselves:)
We have purchased a new curriculum program called thrively to support our gt program here in the district, we are excited about the quality of so many new lessons, but especially the social emotional modules that allow us to have meaningful conversations & interactions regarding their emotional well being. we invite you to check it out and sign up for a free parent account.
6th Graders having fun with GT before Spring Break!
7th graders have been enjoying a variety of different gt activities. Mrs. nichols' kiddos have been learning about virtual reality (VR) & design/coding in tinkerkad. mr. braun, one of our fantastic district curriculum specialists, demonstrated NBMS's newest VR addition & all the applications vr can provide for fun & learning!
Virtual Reality & Tinkerkad Fun! Thanks, Mr. Braun! Everyone loved it!
some of the 7th graders also had fun recording read alouds for county line elementary students for read across america day. they had fun partnering up & choosing picture books that would entertain the younger kiddos. fun was had by all!
Promoting Read Across America Day! Great job! Love the excitement for books & reading!

Enjoy a Sample Read Aloud w/ Kamilah & Lauren

Can you solve these fun Plexers? They're harder than you think!
Sometimes you just have to take a brain break! Here's the 7th graders taking one before spring break! They raided Mrs. Nichols' photo booth props:)
8th Grade GT has been working on many different activities for the past couple of months. One activity is the "Silhouette Project". Students picked a person who inspired them to pursue their passions and they created a silhouette to represent them. Some of the people chosen included teachers, piano instructors, scientists, and many other interesting choices.
Having fun creating their Silhouettes!
8th graders have also been able to go to the Library on B Day Fridays. Down in the library, students have participated in a variety of Brain Teaser Trivia & Even Escape Rooms. On the Friday before Spring Break, students were solving a St. Patrick's Day Escape Room. you can see them prepping for Spring Break below!
SPRING BREAK FEVER!!!! Everyone was ready for a break...had to put effort into escaping from the St. Patrick's Day Breakout Room!


The library is always a noisy & crazy place on Friday B days when 8th grade GT is in the HOUSE!!! They are an incredibly competitive group during trivia games and activities!
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