Being Overweight by MATT DEWITT

Being overweight can be a really tough thing to deal with. About 68.8% of Americas population is considered to be overweight. People every day get bullied just because they happen to be overweight. I have actually been made fun of because I was overweight and it made me not want to go to school or shopping for clothes because I felt like when I bought the clothes everyone was judging how big it was. There are some people such as myself who have medical problems that can cause people to be overweight. Some people even take it to the extreme and have suicidal thoughts about the way their body looks and not fitting in to the "crowd". I am one of these people who are overweight and has a medical problem which makes it harder to lose weight. I decided to make a new year's resolution to get in shape and never no be that big again. I was roughly about 240 pounds on the 1st of January 2017, I am currently at exactly 200 pounds today on April 26, 2017. Many people ask me "how did you lose so much weight in that short amount of time", and all I would say to them is "will power". About 51% of Americans today say they want to lose weight but only 25% of those people achieve that goal. I believe that the reason they do not reach their goal is because they do not have the will power to stay on track. I will admit it was hard for me the first week. I wanted to quit so bad because the second day of my resolution my mother took us out to eat. When i got to the restaurant I could just smell all of the good unhealthy food. I just about grabbed a plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, but then I told myself no. So instead of eating the chicken I got a bowl and made a salad, I sat down and everyone looked at me funny but I just ignored them and continued eating. At the very exact moment I realized I had the will power to continue on my journey.

Being overweight is nothing to laugh at.

Cut out all Junk food from your diet. start drinking water and eating less. Many people find this the hardest part to do.

Eat more fruit and vegetables. Instead of snacking on chips eat grapes or apples.

There are all sorts of apps that can help you watch what you eat and maintain your diet. My personal favorite is called "my plate"


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