Anna Garcia Case #4211 Janet marmolejo

Introduction:One day this hispanic female called Anna Garcia was found dead in her house by her neighbor Doug Greene.It all started when Anna's dog was barking alot.

Fingerprints:Alex Garcia-He was at the crime scene(Night Before)

Hair:Anna Garcia-Doesn't connect Lucy/Erica

Unknown substance:Aspirin- May have had a sickness, headache, dizzy/nausea, vomit

Blood Splatter:Straight down @ 90,74 cm table/Anna's footprint-syringe,dog barking

DNA analysis:Blood Anna's(Not attacked)

Time of death: Dead for 4 hours/at 11am-7am

Autopsy Report-Bruise/Head-elbow,No scratches,no wounds,no bruises,ankle swollen,no fractures

In conclusion, i believe Anna Garcia died of natural cause because nothing concluded that she was murdered.But she might of died of a disease that she had because she was over weight and she had heart burns so she had to drink aspirin or maybe she had a fever.


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