Our final English course in high school .... Vocabulary and Phrasal verbs

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Unit 1


  • For example, we can combine the word "blood" with: "test", creating "blood test", which is the analysis of blood.
  • We can also combine it with "pressure", which creates "blood pressure" which is the pressure of blood in our body.
  • Also, if you combine the word "blood" with "donor" you create "blood donor" which is the name of a person who donates blood for charity
  • With "book" we can create "bookshelf", which is the place where books are stored in home.
  • "Bookmark", which is something who shows a marked spot.
  • And "book cover", which is a protective covering to bind together a book.
  • With water we can create "waterfall", which is a step fall of flow of water in a watercourse.
  • "Watermelon", which is a delicious fruit.
  • And "waterskiing" which is an extreme sport
  • Night can form "nightclub", which means a collective place where people have fun.
  • "Nightmare" which is a bad dream
  • And "nighttime" which is the time of darkness between days.
  • With case we can form "briefcase", something we use to store work things.
  • "Suitcase", in which we store clothes when we go on a trip.
  • And "bookcase", the place we use to store books.
  • With bag we can form "teabag", which we use to convert our water into tea.
  • "Plastic bag", which we store our objects in.
  • And "sleeping bag", an object we use when we go camping.
  • With rain we can form "rainbow", a nature phenomenon.
  • "Raincoat", something we use to protect us from Rain and storms.
  • And "raindrop", a tiny portion of rain.
  • With "sun" there's "sunshine", which is the direct light of sun.
  • "Sunrise", which is when the sun first rises in the morning.
  • And "sunset", when the sun sets on the horizon.
  • With road we can form "roadside", which is the border of the road.
  • "Road sign", which is a sign that Informs the drivers.
  • And "road map", a map who shows destinations and points of interest.
  • With day we can form "daylight", which is the period of time in when sun shines.
  • "Daybreak", which is the time of day when sunlight first appears.
  • And "daydream", which is the action of think of pleasant thoughts about your life.
  • With hand we can form "handshake", a type of gesture we use to salute or introduce ourselves.
  • "Handwriting", our typography.
  • And "handbag", a purse.
  • With ice we form "ice cube", a small cube of ice.
  • "Iceberg", a portion of ice that's on the sea
  • "Ice rink" which is something specialized for ice hockey.
  • With card we can form "birthday card", a form in which we congratulate people in their birthday.
  • "Credit card", which is used by people to buy things they can't afford in that exact moment.
  • And "Business card", an artifact we use to introduce ourselves inside the world of business.
  • Land can form "landscape" which is a rural scenery.
  • "Landlady", which is a person who owns an leases properties.
  • And finally "landslide", which is the downward falling of a mass of soil.

PHRASAL VERBS: "Sometimes have a literal meaning, and sometimes an idiomatic meaning."

  • Don't run away! Come here! I want to talk to you
  • Don't throw that empty box away. I'm sure I can use it for something.
  • A button has come off my shirt. Could you sew it back on for me?
  • And I fell off my horse!
  • A button has come off my shirt. Could you sew it back on for me?

I'm going to the library to take back the books I've finished.

  • I don't feel like cooking tonight.What about eating out?
  • The dentist said my tooth was bad.He had to pull it out.

I have just hung the laundry out, and it is starting to rain. Can you help me to bring it in?

Unit 2

VOCABULARY: travel and transport words

  • You only can get into or out of the car.
  • Drive the car.
  • And park it.
  • You only can get on or get off the bus.
  • Drive, catch and miss the bus.
  • And park it.
  • You can only get on or get off the bike.
  • Ride the bike.
  • And park it.
  • You can only get into or get out of the train.
  • Catch, miss and board the train.
  • And park it.
  • You only can get on or get off, take off and land.
  • Catch, miss and board.
  • You can only get on or off and land.
  • Drive, catch, miss and board it.

Unit 3

VOCABULARY: FILM, THEATRE, BOOKS. "In literature and visual arts there are concepts that are special for some areas, such as these."

  • There are things that we can only use in films like trailer, documentary, blockbuster, thriller, science fiction and animation and screen.
  • How ever there are things that we can only use in theater like program, dressing room and performance.
  • As well as we can only put chapter, stalls, e-reader, whodunnit, hardback, autobiography, paperback and novelist in books.



E X A M P L E: Can I copy your homework? The teacher will never find out.

BREAK UP//definition: end a relationship

E X A M P L E: After three years of going out together, Josh and Lil eventually broke up because Lil didn`t get married.

HOLD ON//definition: wait a minute

E X A M P L E: A: What's Bill's number? // B: Hold on! I'll just look it up.

SPEAK UP//definition: talk louder

E X A M P L E: Speak up! We can`t hear you at the back.

SET OFF//definition: being a journey

E X A M P L E: We have a long journey tomorrow. What time are we set off?

STAY IN//definition: not go out, stay at home

E X A M P L E: I don't feel like going out tonight. Let's stay in and order pizza?

SETTLE DOWN//definition: Have a more stable life

E X A M P L E: Larry was a bit wild at university, but the he got a job, found a lovely wife, settle down and had kids.

TURN UP//definition: arrive

E X A M P L E: Peter hasn't arrived yet- I hope he turns up soon.

CHEER UP//definition: be happier

E X A M P L E: Why are you so miserable? Cheer up!

SHUT UP//definition: be quiet

E X A M P L E: Shut up! I'm trying to watch a programme and you're all talking.

Unit 4

Vocabulary: Antonyms and synonyms.

Unreal. A: real S: Fake
Untruthful. A: Truthful S: Deceit
Incredible. A: Credible S: Incredulity
Implausible. A: Plausible S: Ridiculous
Unpleased. A: Pleased s: Annoyed
aBNORMAL. a: Normal s: bizarre
unreality. a: reality s: fantasy
disbelief. a: belief s: unbelievable
Disappear. a: appear s: vanish
misunderstand. a: understand s: confuse
distrust. a: trust s: suspect
uncover. a: cover s: reveal

Unit 5

Vocabulary: Commonly confused words.

Expect // Wait for // Look forward to
  • According to NASA, in a typical year the United States can expect some 10,000 violent thunderstorms, 5,000 floods, 1,000 tornadoes, and several hurricanes.
  • The children were hungry and could hardly wait for their father to come.
  • We’re looking forward to him arriving next week.
Pass // spend // waste
  • Both of those students didn't pass the test.
  • They spend all their time at parties instead of studying.
  • You earned the trip, even though it's a waste of time.
See // watch // look at
  • I guess it was storming so bad that they didn't see or hear the train.
  • I'll take care of the others if you want to watch the kids.
  • When we look at this record of the choices of people, we see a wide range of behaviors.
Actually // at the moment // really
  • Actually, it was how my family always celebrated Christmas.
  • I'm writing the answer to a question at the moment.
  • "Now I'm really humiliated," she said, borrowing her head in the pillow.
Lend // borrow // owe
  • I will ask Dr. Hale to lend me the letter, so that I can make a copy of it for you.
  • I don't want to borrow money from the bank to buy a car.
  • I think you owe me an explanation.

Phrasal verbs: Type 2 and type 3.

  • Please turn the TV off.
  • I’ll look after your dog while you’re on vacation.

Unit 6

Vocabulary: Money advice.

  • An enterprising group of local high school students has set up a business to raise money for their graduation party.
  • This high carrying capacity has worked in several ways to reduce the cost of transportation.
  • You can spread the payments over as long a period as you like
  • It was estimated that the works would require nine years for their completion, at a total cost of $9,000,000, although the first 200,000 acres could be reclaimed at a cost of $2,700,000.
  • To get a good bargain, Jake will haggle with the flea market vendors.
  • Mobile apps have made it very convenient to transfer money to other accounts within minutes.
  • A recent report shows that health conditions in this country compare favorably with those in other economically developed nations.
pay off
  • It would take him the rest of his life to pay off that loan.

Unit 7

Phrasal verbs "TYPE 4"


Example: The children are always GETTING UP TO some trouble or other.

Make off with

Example: Thieves MADE OFF WITH over a million dollars in the robbery.

Cut down on

Example: Doctors advised her to CUT DOWN ON the amount of saturated fats in her diet.

Carry on

Example: CARRY ON quietly with your work until the substitute teacher arrives.

Mke up for

Example: I sent her a present to try to MAKE UP FOR my appalling behaviour.

do away with

Example: The United Kingdom DID AWAY WITH the death penalty in 1965.

get out of

Example: I said I wasn't feeling well and GOT OUT OF the extra work.

go out with

Example: He's been GOING OUT WITH his girlfriend for around six months now.

Put up with

Example: I can put up with the house being messy, but I hate it if it's not clean.


Example: The sooner we finish the speeches, the sooner we can get on with the celebration.

fall out

Example: 'I'm not speaking to Jean anymore. We fell out last week when she said she didn't like my new boyfriend.'

get away with

Example: They have repeatedly broken the law and got away with it

Unit 8

Vocabulary "People, places and things"


unspoilt - The port is quiet and unspoiled.


humble - Suarez lived a very humble and simple life.


loyal - Elise had been loyal enough to help her.


overcrowded-The prison was overcrowded, so we sat near each other on.


stubborn- Your body is stubborn, but you will heal.


picturesque-The broad Oxford road forms its picturesque main street.


waterproof - Katie chose a pair of wool-lined clogs, shower sandals, and waterproof ankle boots.


smashed - He could smash her into a million pieces if he wanted.


breathtaking - With each bend of the highway they found breathtaking views.


automatic- The car is in automatic mode.


desolate- It was a desolate wasteland except for some grazing sheep.

built up

built-up - They had to build up their fortress to protect against attack.


cracked - The skull was cracked and broken.


conceited - Allen swaggered over to the pool, a conceited smile on his handsome face.


priceless - I have an adored, a priceless mother, and two or three friends--you among them--and as for the rest I only care about them in so far as they are harmful or useful.


arrogant - She is far too arrogant to learn the error of her ways.


handmade - The dining room table was set with a linen tablecloth under a handmade lace cover, fine china, Waterford crystal and brass chargers.


considerate- At least he was considerate enough not to comment on her obvious interest in his physique.

Unit 9

Phrasal verbs

come up with
  • Nobody could COME UP WITH a satisfactory explanation for the accident.
  • Scientist will have to come up with new methods of increasing the world´s food supply.
broke into
  • He BROKE INTO a run when he saw the police.
  • The thieves BROKE INTO the warehouse and stole goods worth.
Break off
  • It was never going to work, so Mary and peter decided to BREAK OFF their engagement.
  • She BROKE OFF a square of chocolate and gave it to her dog.
tell of
  • His fiance TOLD him OFF for arriving nearly an hour late.
  • She tolk tom off because he hit his sister.
bring up
  • It is not a good idea to bring up politics with my family.
  • They didn't BRING the subject UP at the meeting.
  • My parents bring me up to finish all the food on my plate.
count on

You can COUNT ON them; if they have promised to do something, they'll do it.

deal with
  • The government must now deal with the problem of high unemployment.
  • I spent the morning dealing with my emails.
Drop out of
  • He dropped out of the race after two laps.
  • She DROPPED OUT of college and went straight into a good job.
  • I had a new student today. He seems very nice. I´m sure he´ll fit in with the rest of the class just fine.
  • They're not arriving until Thursday, which FITS IN WITH my schedule for the week.
  • His rudeness yesterday FITS IN WITH what I have always thought of his behaviour.
look up to
  • He look up to his elder sister because she always seemed so wise and experienced.
  • She's LOOKS UP TO her mother.
point out
  • I hadn't noticed that the living room was a different colour until someone pointed it out to me.
  • He POINTED OUT that I only had two weeks to get the whole thing finished.
take back
  • That song always TAKES me BACK to when I was at university.
  • I had to TAKE BACK everything bad I'd said about them when I learned how they'd helped out.

Unit 10

Vocabulary: Body Idioms

Dificult Words (#)

  • Heart-to-heart
  • All ears
  • Cold feet
  • Out of my mind
  • Enter your head
  • Face the facts
  • Give me a hand
  • All fingers and thumbs
  • Put on a brave face (#)
  • Hands full
All ears
Cold feet
Out of my mind
Enter your head
Face the facts
Give me a hand
All fingers and thumbs
Put on a brave face
hands full


  • Tell me about it. I'm all ears.
  • It's okay, cold feet sometimes.
  • Mom and me are trying to have a heart-to-heart.
  • I'm completely out of my mind today.
  • You cannot allow a negative thought to enter your head now.
  • The theme of Africa's leading forum for discussion of HIV developments and trends is "Africa's Response: Face the facts".
  • Give me a hand when I've crossed the way.
  • No, he's all fingers and thumbs.
  • You're not just saying that to put on a brave face 'cause secretly you're dying inside?
  • Homeland Security has their hands full.

Unit 11

Vocabulary: Similar words, different meaning

Dificult Words (#)

  • Unreadable - Illegible (#)
  • Childish - Childlike (#)
  • Sensible - Sensitive (#)
  • True - Truthful (#)
  • Intolerable - Intolerant
  • Economic - Economical

Unreadable - Illegible (#)

  • I shouldn't be spending my day transcribing Karev's illegible handwriting.
  • I know shakespeare is very popular, but i find him totally unreadable

Childish - Childlike (#)

  • Alicia is so childish. She's always having temper tantrums.
  • It was wonderful to watch the lambs playing. i got such childlike pleasure from it.

Sensible - Sensitive (#)

  • Sophie is extremely sensitive at the moment. Anything you say upsets her.
  • Mario is not a very sensible person. She wore high-heeled shoes for our four-mile walk.

True - Truthful (#)

  • I've never known her to tell a lie. She's a very truthful person.
  • I can never watch sad films that are based on a true story. they always make me cry.

Intolerable - Intolerant

  • Antonia is so intolerable of other people. She never accepts anyone else's opinion, and she always thinks she knows best.
  • I find Marek's behaviour intolerant. it's unfair to be so selfish.
intolerable - IntolerANT

Economic - Economical

  • W're in economic crisis at the moment. Mario has lost his job and i don't know how we are going to pay the mortgage.
  • It's much more economical to drive slowly. you get more kilometres for your money.

Phrasal Verbs: Nounds from a phrasal verbs

  • There are many nouns formed from phrasal verbs. sometimes the verb comes first, sometimes second.
  • Make-up , Downfall, Upbringing, Drawback, Outbreak, Takeaway
  • Sometimes the noun is related to the phrasal verb.
  • Idon't use much make-up
  • She made up her face very carefully. =related
  • Sometimes they are not related.
  • The main drawback is the cost. (drawback= disadvantage)
  • Draw back the curtains and let the sunshine in . (draw back= open)

Unit 12

Vocabulary: Hot verbs- be, have


  • Be fed up
  • Be on the safe side
  • Be in touch with sb
  • Be on one's mind
  • Be up to date


  • Have the right to
  • Have a word with sb
  • Have The nerve to
  • Have no chance of doing


1st Partial


2nd Partial


5 new words we learned in the course...

Loathe: To dislike (someone or something) greatly; abhor.
Haggle: To bargain, as over the price of something.
stubborn: Refusing to change one's mind or course of action despite pressure to do so; unyielding or resolute.
Conceited: Holding or characterized by an unduly high opinion of oneself.
Childish: Of, relating to, or suitable for a child or childhood. Marked by or indicating a lack of maturity.
Reflections ... our English course was:
Antonia: As the semester comes to a close this assignment provides an excellent opportunity to look back on my experiences in this class. It has become quite evident to me that I have grown a substantial amount as a person as a result of my participation in this class. In particular, this last course of English helped me improve my level, develop new skills, understand grammar and have a better use of English, so that I truly appreciate the growth that I have gone through in this class. The thing I liked most about this class was that we had a very good teacher to help us learn new things and some old ones. The teacher always had good attitude and disposition in class, he solved all our doubts and left creative projects, in addition, he always explained all the subjects of the book and made the class fun.It was definitely a good class, I learned more English and had fun next to my classmates and teacher.
sarah: The course that is soon to finish has helped me in ways I could have never imagined throughout my high school and even as a person. In this course I have improved drastically my level of English, I have learned a lot of structure and English complex topics, such as Grammar, vocabulary, improved my listening and even how to start and have fluid conversations. I owe all of this to my teacher, who always had a good mood and a perfect attitude for us to learn. He left creative projects that made our minds work and always explained the topics that we didn't understand or had doubts with. The class was fun an entertaining and we never had a boring class or a boring topic. I would like to re-live all this course but sadly I will never be able to. It was amazing!
Patrizio: This English class was a great learning experience for me. Although sometimes the work became tedious, knowing that I will be able to use the skills I have learned and practiced makes it worthwhile.

Sahylí: During the semester the course of English was one of my favorites since I learned many things and developed certain skills and attitudes. It was very nice to have Professor Alvaro as our guide in our last semester of English since he was a great teacher, we always supported ourselves, he taught us new things and he was at the disposal of the whole group for the resolution of doubts. What I liked most about the course was to learn in a unique and fun way with the interactive activities that the teacher left, for example with Quizlet to practice vocabulary and phrasal verbs; Also the projects that tested our creativity and made us learn in a fun way. In if the whole course I liked and it is the first time throughout my high school that I finish an English book.


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