Southern Africa PAGES 377-396

Landforms and Waterways

landforms are a huge importance in southern africa and so are waterways because they control the living conditions and the weather of the climate.


Landforms can be huge and they can be small but they can also be long and short too.

bodies of water

QUESTION"which type of landform is common in Southern Africa"

south african fisherman.

Climate--tropical zone

climate of course plays a huge role in southern africa

its hot

Yet just 3,500 miles away there's


temperate zones.

desert regions.

question:"Why are temperatures in Southern Africa's tropical countries generally not hot?

Natural Resources


Miner Dudes!!!

iron ore

iron ore in some guys hand

uranium concealed in glass

natural uranium not melted, "cleaned"or refined

refined copper

copper elbows




red kryptonite

just ruby

South Africa's Resources

The resources in South africa are one of their main supports financially, so they play a huge role in the economy.

Energy Resources

energy resources are one type of South africa's resources because they have a lot of them.

Minerals and Other Resources

minerals and stuff are important in south africa because thats their main source of money and power (not electrical power economical power) and their main trade and stuff


wildlife plays a massive role in South Africa because without wildlife there would be way less life and less money people make plus there would be less of a black market and less poachers making it way more peaceful plus there's would be less flowers making more weeds and making them die and cause theres no animals it slows down the decomposition cycle making more wildfires making it not peaceful at all.

How does deforestation affect the energy supply in the region.

deforestation affects the energy supply in the region because with no trees then the dirt would just slide everywhere and burry the recourses deeper and harder to get to.
Southern Africa History.

Great Zimbabwe

Great ZIMBABWE is one of the biggest cities in Zimbabwe. it was founded in the 11th century by the Shona.

The Mutapa Empire.

in the late 1400s the Shona conquered the region between the 11th century and the 14th century.

Other Kingdoms.

the Shona had made a small camp right outside of Zimbabwe and it is to be believed that they called it camp Shona which that camp they used as a training ground in war.

European Colonies.

some European colonies that were in south Africa were Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Swaziland, Djibouti, western Sahara, ECT.

Clashes in South Africa

some of the clashes were the fact that some European countries had more stuff than others making it insane because it was like a giant war kind of.

The Union of South Africa.

the European countries made a union and all of the clashes were bigger than before just like black Friday sales.

Colonialism in Other Areas.

colonialism was everywhere in Africa so there were so many clashes in Africa making poverty and making less and less rich people.

Independence and Equal Rights

if you lived in Africa and were a native you never really had a lot of independence and there were no equal rights for you.

the end of portugese rule

once other countries started backing off of Africa Portuguese backed off and started being less of a jerk.

the birth of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was found on April 18 1980 and is now a lunatic country in south Africa.

equal rights in south africa

there were pretty much no equal rights.


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