How to Use Spark for Your Presentations (It's easier than you think)

Adobe Spark is a fast and user-friendly program for creating professional-looking presentation graphics. Here's how to use it...

1. Go to spark.adobe.com and create a free account.

2. Click on WEB PAGES in the top toolbar. If you don't see this toolbar menu, click on the blue plus sign at the top of the page.

3. Choose the format you like best. I'm using "report" for this Spark page.

4. Add a title (and a subtitle if you want one).

5. Click the plus sign to add elements to your presentation.

6. Click TEXT to bring up the text menu. You can change the look and layout of your text from this menu. You can also easily insert hyperlinks.

7. Click PHOTO to add photos. Upload your own photos or use free stock photos in the sidebar on the right.

8. To control the number or layout of your photos, click PHOTO GRID, GLIDESHOW, or SPLIT LAYOUT from the main menu screen that comes up when you click on the plus button.

9. PREVIEW your presentation to make sure everything looks okay. (Don't worry about saving, Spark saves all changes automatically for you.)

10. Click SHARE to send your presentation to others. Or click PRESENT to lock the editing features and show it from your screen.

That's it! Now take a few moments to marvel at the extra time you have to practice for your presentation because using Spark was so easy!


Created with images by Nathan Dumlao - "untitled image" • Danielle MacInnes - "untitled image"