Brown vs Board of Education Topeka, Kansas 1954

African-Americans were fighting overseas for our country and fighting for freedom

When they came home they didn't have any rights and everything is segregated.

Everything from drinking fountains, transportation, schools, jobs, grocery stores, movie theaters and restaurants were segregated by the color of your skin.

Although many things were segregated the people believed that education was one of the most important things because everyone deserves the same and equal learning expirence.

School Children were separated by the color of their skin and put in different schools. also They weren't getting an equal education.
Protests were held, They wanted to end segregation and the inequality between races.

If this case didn't go to court then today we would still have segregated schools and communities.

Ruby bridges was the first African-American child to attend an all-white public elementary school in the southern part of America.

Similarly, Brown vs Board of Education was the fight against segregation in schools and this goes along with what is going on today with transgender wanting to be able to use either bathroom in schools.


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