The Wise Shopper Year 9 Commerce Assessment 1- Lucy McAlpine

Product Information

This Miele G 6300 is a built under, clean steel dishwasher. At 60cm wide, it is the perfect size for a large family, with enough room to store their numerous plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses and more due to its versatility for all loads. This dishwasher is of the Miele brand, promising reliability and durability. It gives perfect results, and only has a 6.5 L water consumption level with its Sensor wash setting. When finished, everything is completely dry- due to its amazing drying performance level. This dishwasher has a 3.5-star energy and 5 star WELS (water) efficiency rating.

With a low energy usage (274 kWh/year) and water consumption (11.3 L/cycle) levels, this dishwasher is an impeccable product. It is a very energy efficient model, while still guaranteeing a high performance every individual cycle. As this dishwasher is Silver, it will add sophistication to your kitchen while doing your dirty dishes.With 14 different place settings, hot and cold wash options, eco and fast wash options and sensor programs along with its high drying performance, this dishwasher will suit all your needs.

Factors Affecting my choice

Several key factors affected the choice of good. Several included the price, the branding as well as the trustworthiness that came with the choice of brand, washing efficiency and energy use, size, noise, product durability and servicing options. In this case, I was looking for a dishwasher that was large enough to supply a family of 5, and was a built in - one which did not have to be integrated into the kitchen as that was not part of my criteria.

Therefore, definitely the type of dishwasher affected my choice as there was many to choose from, ranging from freedstanding dishwashers, semi-integrated dishwashers and fully-integrated dishwashers to built in dishwashers, drawer or compact dishwashers, slimline dishwashers and benchtop dishwashers. Furthermore, the size needed for the product to be of best use for a large family was quite big, so this also impacted my decision as well as the energy and Water Ratings, as it has to be sufficient for the dishes of a family of 5. I was looking for a low energy/water usage dishwasher, something that I found in this Miele model in comparison to competing products.

The price of the product was also something to take into account before making a purchase of a long-term, durable product. Furthermore, it must be considered that if you want a higher quality good, you might have to spend a little more. I didn’t want something too expensive but also as I wanted a bigger model for a larger family, this would up the price. The cleaning and dry performances of the dishwashers definitely affected my choice. After looking at several different option, the reviews on helped me narrow down my options to what I was looking for and get a perspective from people who had previously used their products as well as competing models. I was looking for an auto and dirt sensor program that would help with particularly dirty dishes, something that the Miele G 6300 SCU offered.

Another factor that contributed to my decision was the features offered in this model. With 14 different settings as well as being extremely energy efficient and high drying performance, this model offered all the features I was looking for as well as more such as the eco and fast wash, hot and cold water options. Another factor that contributed to my decision was the brand. I know that Miele was a trustworthy brand that offered both reliability and durability within their products, at a reasonable price.

Purchasing Location and Source of Good

I would buy my good at the Miele ‘Unboxed Outlet’ at Rosehill, Sydney. I would do this as I would buy it directly from the brand rather than a reseller, making the purchase more reliable as well as cheaper as it is at an outlet. The product would be exactly the same and just as new if I were to order it through the company directly. This way it is exactly the same product, just cheaper and arriving without a box through purchasing it through this store.

Payment For my Good

Credit Card


  • Allows you to buy products immediately and pay it off in sections- which in this case is extremely helpful as it is a durable good and probably more expensive
  • Money stays in bank, earning you interest and possibly, eventually, profit
  • Credit card is safer than cash and can be cancelled if lost
  • Can build positive credit history for the future, helping you to obtain larger loans in the future
  • Allows you to pay by phone or over the internet, allowing you different options of buying your good


  • With credit cards, it is easy to overspend and get caught in debt
  • Many department store credit cards have very high interest rates and as a result, should be used carefully
  • Many people do not pay off their debts within the interest-free periods, resulting in high interest charges



  • Cash is immediate and therefore you can get your purchase immediately
  • It can be used everywhere and for any purchase
  • It is easy to monitor your spendings
  • Results in limited dealings with banks, and high interest rates


  • Cash is bulky and can take up a lot of space within your wallet
  • Cash is hard to pay with for expensive things. Which in this case could be a problem as durable items tend to be a little more expensive
  • It is not a very secure method of payment and can be easily lost or stolen

Therefore, I would pay for my durable good with a credit card rather than cash as it is a more expensive item. In terms of paying with cash, this would be extremely difficult. Credit cards, on the other hand would be a much smarter and easier way to pay for an item that is reasonably expensive compared to your average grocery shop wherein you would probably pay with cash.

What happens if i have a Faulty product?

Below are the rules of consumer redress that explain what happens if a retailer refuses to give you the correct product you paid for.


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