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Making the Team

It was Saturday, my favorite day of the week. The sunlight was pouring in through the windows. I heard the obnoxious sound of the Espresso machine buzzing as I walked down the stairs. Eyes squinting away from the brightness of the sun. I sit down; Dad just stares at me, not in a mean way more like a curious teasing-ish way.

“Good morning,” he says.

“Hey”, I reply with a low, raspy morning voice.

I lower my body to sit on the old wooden stool, my legs give out due to the morning muscle soreness. I look up rubbing my eyes and see a white paper folded. I push it away thinking it's useless and unimportant. My mom slides her hands across the table pushing the paper right back at me.

I look up in confusion. She smiles and says it for me. I try and hold back a grin, but it slips out. I open up the paper and start reading, I feel the presence of my mother’s and father's stares. I read it once through quickly, not understanding anything. I read it again once more and stumble on the words “Welcome to the Tigers A team”. It doesn't come to me right away, but then I feel the smile growing. I keep rereading it, to make sure that I didn't misread anything. Only when I’m certain… I let my guard down. All my soreness and fatigue leaves me faster than it came. My smile grows bigger than before. I hug my parents; they tell me that they are proud of me.


His name was… well actually his name is not that important. All I know is that we were supposedly the bestest of friends. Apparently, we had sleepovers on the weekend. Apparently, we would stay up until 2 am playing video games, sipping on soda, and eating pizza. Apparently, we went to the pool together and played for hours until no one was left. Apparently I liked him.

Even though everything was true, our friendship wasn't perfect. As we grew up I got more mature and started to care about things other video games and Legos. He on the other hand, didn't, and still hasn't.

I used to tell myself that I didn't like him but when I went to his house it always brought me back to what it was like back then. It felt like I could just forget about school and everything else, and just start playing video games.

I received the news that he was moving even before he knew. It was hard not to tell. He left three years ago for Singapore.

Our goodbyes were awkward. He wanted to hug; I wasn't feeling it. As he got back into his car he just looked back and said “well, bye...” I never saw Kalani again.

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a family of peasants with two parents and three children. The eldest of the three children was Victoria. She was the bossy one and although she was annoying, she looked out for her two smaller siblings. The second eldest, Louis, was the sneaky one. He would trick people into giving him stuff from the baker and bring it home to feed his family. Finally, the youngest, but not the shortest, was Jeanne. She had a world of her own where everything was always positive and never negative. Their hometown Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France was becoming harder and harder to live in. There was a dangerous viral plague that was wiping out the population in thousands. The father didn’t know what to do since he worked as a blacksmith and had no way to skip town with his income rate. The mother stayed home with the kids while the father was away.

One day, while Louis was on his daily adventure to scavenge food, he overheard a wealthy landowner at the baker’s bakery. He was saying that he was going to need at least twenty loaves of bread because, he was boarding a ship that was going to bring them to this unknown land where the streets were paved with gold. The loaves needed to last him and his three daughters the whole trip. Louis with his sneaky manners decided to follow the man.

The man took many turns on his way, making it hard for Louis to remember which way was home. The landowner entered what seemed to be his home and took off his coat to greet his four daughters. Something was off about his daughter's, such as they were wearing winter clothing although it was awfully warm, and they seemed to have an anxious look on their faces. Louis climbed in through a window. The father of the three daughters proceeded upstairs with Louis on his tail, making sure not to be caught by any of the three daughters.

The man entered this room and started taking a bath. Louis saw this as an opportunity to find the five tickets for the voyage to the golden land. He searched all the upstairs and found nothing until all of a sudden, he tripped on some latch under the carpet. With his curious personality, he opened it and entered.

What Louis found was beyond imaginable. Stacks of golden coins, all the food, water, clothes and of course the tickets. The man had been storing all this for the voyage. Louis had made up his mind that his family needed this more than the man and his daughters, since they could afford the cure. His only problem was how the heck was he going to carry all of this home without being noticed. Louis thought of a plan. He was going to come back later that night with his two sisters to carry everything out.On his way out, he saw one of the older daughters wrapping something around the little sister’s forearm. She was crying in pain. Louis couldn’t make out the words she was saying, until she stopped crying, looked up at her sister and said, “Why did daddy hurt me?” the older sister, not knowing what to say just hugged her. The water from the shower stopped and the dad came out furious with beer in his hands. The older sister told the younger one to hide and don't come out until she said so. She did as told. The dad picked up a hot stick from the fire and said “You think it’s funny huh? Let's see how funny it is now!”. Louis looked away...The man had burned the older sister right across the face, she was screaming in agony. Louis ran and didn't look back.

Later that night, Louis and his sisters climbed up through the same window, sneaked upstairs, opened the latch and, gathered up everything. On their way out, as Louis was peeking out of the latch, all of a sudden the man came out of his bedroom swinging his sword. He was flat out drunk. Luckily, he had not spotted the kids yet. Louis knew that he was not going to leave the room anytime soon, since there was booze on the table. Louis threw an apple across the room to distract the man. Frightened by the noise, he fell down heavily. That’s when the kids made a run for it. The man cursed at them and tried to chase them, but he just fell down the stairs and knocked himself out.

They ran down the stairs, through the kitchen, but when they got to the window the three daughters were there staring at Louis and his sisters. They quickly understood what was going on and told Louis and his sisters that a faster way out would be through the living room. Louis thanked them. He told them to come with them to this land. They told him they couldn’t their home was here.

The kids returned home with grins on their faces. They told their parents what happened and although the parents were upset, after a few moments the parental instincts took over and they knew that they had to bring their children to safety.

This is Fourteen

Fourteen is the halfway point to the summit. The beginning has been really tough, but you know it's only going to get harder. You are learning something new everyday. Your mental strength is being put to the test. This is the moment you decide what you do with the lemons that life has given you. You discover things that shock you at first but you soon become accustomed to it. Your relationship with your parents either thrives or weakens. You are old enough to understand the things you do will forever stay with you, but you are not old enough to understand why. For most, dreams are crushed, but there are the few whose dreams are only starting.

Fourteen is the beginning of hell week. It is the moment where you decide if you are willing to push through or just settle. It is the time where all your training will be put to the test. At fourteen every little thing gets to you, but those who ignore it are the ones who become the most successful.

Fourteen is spring cleaning, you shove everything into closet somehow you manage, but one wrong move and everything falls apart.

Fourteen is when you seal in the bags under your eyes. You become dependent on luck more than ever. It is when you get called young lady or gentleman for the first time not as a joke. Keeping up with trends is no longer an option, it's a must. It is the time where you must find the yin and the yang in fun and work. Fourteen is looking only forward for what’s to come and not looking back.

Fourteen is days from fifteen and months from thirteen. Drama is what keeps you sane everyday. At fourteen you are a freshmen in high school, who is hated by every other grade. You don't know why, but you just accept and hope to become a sophomore soon. You experiment with looks and personality. Peer pressure is a thing. It is a time when you worry just about yourself, and let everyone else be who they want to be.

College is something always lingering in the back of your head. Grades are so important to you at this particular time. You question if you are doing enough to stand out from all the other students academically. It is when you learn what it means to be part of a school team. It is no longer an after school club, it is a huge commitment to show the pride you have of the jersey you have on. You come and support everyone in your school, it’s a peaceful community.

The possibilities are endless at fourteen. You strive to impress but you realize you’re in over your head. Your phone and you build this mutual trust, that most married couples will never be able to acquire. Snapchat is what defines your generation.

It is helping out your parents when they need it, but leaving them in the dust when they want to spend time with you.

Fourteen is a stage in life you cannot skip. Fourteen is how you want it to be.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Ice Cream


Out of all the deserts

on the shelves,

Ice cream smiles at me


It's summer,

time for ice cream,

It's winter

time for ice cream


It's simple, sugar, vanilla,

milk… ahh who cares

it's ice cream!


Did you hear?

Three prisoners escaped jail

Ice cream is near


Nine injured, three killed

Ice cream found all over the

crime sight


When we’re hungry

we eat Ice cream

When Ice cream is hungry

what does it eat?


Women at a bus stop;

Ice cream at a bus stop;

One gets into the bus,

Where is the ice cream?


Caffeine helps you stay


Ice cream helps you stay




Ice cream+whipped cream=34.56


In Mexico they speak Spanish

In France they speak French

In Italy they speak Italian

Where do they speak Ice Cream?


I was hungry

So were the neighbors

Thank god we had Ice cream


Sadness filled the room

Sirens were loud

Ice cream was not eaten that night


Ice cream take’s care of me

But do I take care

Of ice cream?

Author’s Note

This project was fun and creative as well as entertaining. Usually Idon’t like to write poetry, but writhing “Thirteens Ways of Looking at Ice Cream” really had me thinking about what I was going to write. I also liked writing “This is Fourteen”, because I thought of some really creative lines that in my opinion fit really well into the piece. The whole objective was to write about what made you who you are. I feel that I accomplished that goal, since I put a few personal moments in my life, as well as some essential events that make me who I’am today. When I was revising my vignettes I changed so much about them, because after taking a long break from reading them, and developing my writing over that period of time I came back to it them with a fresher mind with a bunch of new ideas to add on or just change in general. The pieces link together by being about me, and what I like to do in life. After writing the pieces I learned that I am a hard worker with a goal in mind, and that I know what I have to do to achieve it. Other than that I noticed that my writing has dramatically improved since the beginning of the year, in my opinion. This project was my favorite project so far since the beginning of the year. I found it very interesting and very creative, it also gave me an opportunity to go deeper into my writing.


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