Kingdom Nightshade Most Beautiful Island you will ever see

One Half of the Island is warm and Sunny while the other is Cold and Snowy, and at the center we have the main castle that is surrounded by water
The warm side is ruled by Princess Scarlet. She is a fire elemental, so she has Pyrokenesis. Her known Weapon/Tool is a katana.
The cold side is ruled by Princess Jayla. she is a Snow and Ice elemental, so she has Cryokineses. Her known Weapon/Tool is a pipe staff
This is the main castle. Both Princess rule this Castle and most of the big decisions are made here.
There are many beautiful creatures on our Island, Mermaids, Fairies, Griffins, Unicorns Pegasus, even Dragons.

Our Motto: Don't fear the dark/shadows, use their powers.

Our Rules

  • Do not be a Butt Head
  • Stay inside at all times from 11 pm to 5 am
  • Do not swim past the reef
  • Do not go into the mountains
  • Stay Away from the Midnight Castle at All Times
The Midnight Castle is the home of Princess Adara. She rules the Forest and the Mountains. She is to be avoided at al costs.
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Amy Clawson

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