Meme of the decade, how much we've changed Malcolm Saas

As the end of the decade grows near, it’s right to start thinking about that one thing that’s on everyone’s mind. No, not christmas, not new years, but what is the meme of the decade. To find out what this meme of the decade will be, a few students were interviewed about what their favourite meme was here at WKHS.

Brandon Price, a sophmore, says he likes it old-school. ‘I think [my favourite is] the troll face only because it was like the first meme that stuck for a long time” Price said.

Another student, Chinny Ndife, a senior member of the football team summed up his favourite meme in four words “Gotta be spongebob memes”, Ndife said. That sponge has been a popular part of meme culture for a while and is another top candidate in meme of the decade.

Actors are also a big favourite of meme viewers. Owen Glasser, another sophomore said he really like Keanu Reeves. “[I like] Honestly any Keanu Reeves meme because everyone likes Keanu” Glasser said.

Memes have changed so much over the last decade. In 2010 we had the funny reaction face, also known as the “troll face” that would act mischievous and mess with people. To 2019 where we have memes like “Ight imma head out” and Keanu Reeves. The idea of humor in this decade has changed more rapidly than any other decade.