School Uniforms Must Be Banned From Ethan Lemcke

School uniforms should be banned from school for a number of reasons. One of the many reasons why is because it does not allow the students to express themselves. School uniforms can also be expensive,and can look weird. They could be expensive especially for a family that may not have enough money to buy the uniform. Once you've read this paper, you'll have a better understanding of why school uniforms must be banned from school!!!


School uniforms can be expensive. According to the article, School Uniforms Don't Have to Cost that Much by Lisa Runge, just getting the school logo on a shirt can cost up to $18.50!!! In addition, a single uniform can cost more than $200. Imagine how much money you would be spending on uniforms, since you have to wear one every day. That is how school uniforms can be expensive.

Students can't express themselves because everyone is wearing the same thing. Also, students can't show their true personality. Students can't show their true colors. Students can't show how unique they actually are because everyone is wearing the same thing. Students can't do the things they used to do before they got uniforms.

Students could look weird in the uniforms. Kids could get bullied because it would look weird on them by not spicing up their uniform. Kids can get talked about at lunch because of how ugly the uniform looks on them. Another reason is that skirts and formal pants are not good at recess. That is why school uniforms can look weird on certain body types.

As you can see school uniforms is not the way to go. It doesn't allow kids to show how unique they actually are. An in fact can cause kids to lose their self confidence when they are forced to wear a uniform that doesn't compliment their personality at all. That is why school uniforms must be banned from school


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