South african apartheid Kennedy Blackman

Apartheid>a system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa between 1948 and 1991.

What its like living under a apartheid> Living under a apartheid was hell. Like when the dutch came to South Africa they started importing slaves, making them work in the diamond mines only for them to get paid a lot less than the white workers, and the all white government decided what they could and couldn't do. They passed a law that forced blacks to carry identification with them at all times, and killed 69 people and injured 180 people.(doc 1,3,4).

Its important to know what a apartheid was because it was a great injustice done to the innocent people of South Africa. If they didn't teach us or tell us about the apartheid, we would be miss informed and wouldn't understand than pain and suffering they went through. Like when the locked up Nelson Mandela for almost 30 years for just trying to get his people the freedom they wanted, or when blacks never got paid a living wage. If we didn't know this we would never understand why it happened or why the blacks there deserve better.(doc 5and 6)

Blacks live matter is what I would compare to a apartheid. The black lives matter movement is trying to get people in America mainly white people, to see they way blacks are being treated and the innocent men and women like Sandra bland and Trayvon martin being in killed for no reason at all , having no justice after their deaths. This is similar to the 69 people killed for just protesting or nelson mandela being imprisoned for trying to do the right thing for his people. 


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