Of Mice and Men Delshawn Turner & Romello davis

The reason we chose this image is because people in American think the American dream is all about money, cars, and big houses. They think that having these in your life will make it better. But in reality these non necessities will just make your image more appealing. While people in Syria, Liberia, Iran, and Iraq would love to live in American because over here women are not punished, abused, and they have equal rights. People in these countries would to wake up everyday knowing that there house will not be blown up, or that there children will not be poisoned. For people in American to say that the American dream does not exist think again, because we got it good over here than in other countries.

The image represents George and Lennie friendship.

George and Lennie are different from the others ranchers because all the ranchers do is blow there money away. They are sad, lonely, and miserable. While George and Lennie have a future. They do not blow there hard earn money are stupid things. They also have each others back. My initials impression George is that he is fairly normal. He is quite small but still strong. He is small and quick with sharp strong features. I also get the impression that he is smart. He is a lot more sensible than Lennie and has a lot more self discipline. Also he is so kind and therefore he would never let Lennie get into trouble. Lennie in my opinion is not able to live on his own because of his disability, so pretty much without George in his life Lennie is not able to survive in the real world.

this represents Curley being a mean boss.

The bunk house at the ranch was so negative. It does not have that welcoming atmosphere at all. Also you have Curley who is just a jerk, and bully. While the setting in chapter 1 is no different, because everyone was poor, and looking for jobs, and trying to get money, because around this time everyone was going through the Great Depression. This suggest that life on the ranch is harsh, but not as harsh because at least you're getting paid. The reason George lies to the boss because he knows that they will not get the job because of Lennie disability.

this represents George and Lennie working on the ranch.
this represents Curley being aggressive, mean.

Our initial impressions of Curley is that he is a bully, he likes to pick on the weak. Curley picks a fight with Lennie because he thinks that Lennie is too dumb to understand. Curley's presence on George and Lennie kind of over bearing because Curley thinks that George and Lennie have some kind of sexual things going on, and Curley likes to pick on Lennie. George tell Lennie to stay after from Curley because he knows that Curley is going to bully him. Yes it is good advice because all Curley is, is trouble .

this picture represents loneliness of Crook and Curley's Wife

The two characters that represent loneliness is Crook, and Curley's wife. Crook is lonely because he is the only black. He is also discriminated against by other people. He lives in the barn by himself and he does not allow other people to come into his room. When people try to be kind to him he does not like it. Curley's wife is lonely because she is the only female in town, and her husband does not show her enough love. The solution that will relieve this pain is not believing what people have to say about you, that their words do not matter. Look in the mirror and talk about your black and you're proud, and that I am beautiful no matter what others think of me.

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Romello Davis

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