Why it's important to moisturize HttPs://mtringali.myrandf.com

MOISTURIZING PROTECTS THE SKIN'S BARRIER - reducing both the breakdown of collagen and the signs of aging skin.

REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF EXISTING FINE LINES AND WRINKLES - like many other things, when skin becomes dehydrated, it appears wrinkled, aged, and dull. Moisturizing will prevent dehydration and lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles that may have developed over time.

MOISTURIZING BRIGHTENS COMPLEXION - properly hydrated skin prevents irritation, redness, and dullness.

MOISTURIZING KEEPS ACNE AT BAY - dehydrated skin can increase acne blemishes. If oily skin is a concern, use an oil control moisturizer, such as UNBLEMISH Oil Control Lotion.

MOISTURIZING IS ESSENTIAL TO THE EFFICACY OF OTHER SKINCARE PRODUCTS - products that contain ingredients such as salicyclic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinal can be very drying for the skin, even though the ingredients are helping the skin in other ways. Using a moisturizer after these powerful products protects both your skin and the efficacy of your other skincare products.

MOISTURIZING LENDS A HAND TO MAKE-UP APPLICATION - applying foundation and other make-up to hydrated skin gives a more flawless finish. Applying make-up to dry, flaky, wrinkled skin will only accentuate the very problems that you are likely trying to cover up.

MOISTURIZING SOOTHES THE SKIN - dry skin becomes very irritating, often itchy, and sometimes even painful. Itchy, irritated skin can lead to infection. Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy and vibrant.

Information sourced from http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/anti-aging/a35094/face-moisturizer-benefits/

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