Colonial Blacksmiths And silversmiths By Kyle Gandhi

Colonial blacksmiths and silversmiths were very important, they repaired lots of stuff, from shipwright tools, to house hold good and things people used everyday.
Blacksmiths repaired iron tools, equipment and house hold goods. A traditional blacksmiths shop was hot and dark. Many blacksmiths start as indentured servants. Blacksmiths often worked from dawn to dusk. Blacksmiths were in high demand in urban areas. Weird fact, blacksmiths used tools to pull peoples teeth out sometimes. A new day in the shop started with firing up the forge. Which was a huge fire place used to melt iron. The blacksmith used coals to make the fire burn hotter. Blacksmiths used a lot of tools like sledge hammers, vises, anvils, tongs and more, the surface of a blacksmiths anvil was coated in steel. Blacksmiths wear a heavy-weight leather apron, some blacksmiths opted to wear gloves for protection, and some preferred to worked bear handed. Blacksmiths generally made or repaired theses things, nails, hatchets, swords, ax heads, bullets, anchors, anchor chains, hooks, iron hoops, shipwright tools, anvils, hinges, hammer heads, gates, gate locks, wheel barrows and among the most important horse shoes.
Some blacksmith tools.
Silversmiths use the materials of silver and pewter. Pewter is a blend of different metals. Colonial silversmiths made jewelry and object,s people used everyday. They made plates, trays, cups, bowls and more. Silver is a very soft metal, silversmiths often melted old metal items to make new ones. Silversmiths crafted thick pieces of metal in to useful objects. Paul Revere was a silversmith. Some other types of metal workers include white smiths, goldsmiths and gunsmiths.
Silversmith tools


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