The Connecting Point 1st Quarter 2020-21

Welcome Back!

Your CCA administrators, faculty, and staff are thrilled to have students back on campus to begin the 2020-21 school year! More than ever, we look forward to partnering with each family to provide a quality and Christ-centered education for our students.

Covenant is blessed with a large number of returning students, and we are thrilled that 100% of our faculty has also returned this year. We are also blessed to welcome many new families and more than 60 new students to our school community this year. We hope to build great relationships with every student, new and old!

Join us in welcoming our new students for 2020-21!

The Heart of Christian Education

Going to school at Covenant provides our students with many blessings. Small class sizes, personal attention, a loving and safe environment, and many other advantages can be found at CCA. These benefits are wonderful, but the thoughts outlined below reveal an even greater purpose to Christian education.

"... in Christ are hidden the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." (Col. 2:3)

Our school verse sums up the importance of gaining a Christian education. In order to know true wisdom and knowledge, we must first know Christ. Our commitment to approach every discipline from a Christ-centered, biblical worldview enables students to see themselves and the world in light of the truth revealed in God's Word.

"...so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." (2 Tim. 3:17)

As our students grow in Christ, we want them see their calling and place in His kingdom and to equip them for a lifetime of faithful service to their savior. We believe that teaching students to apply Scripture to every area of life will prepare them for life now as students, family members, friends, and the future work God will call them into throughout all of life.

Soli Deo Gloria - "To God be the glory alone"

Our school motto reminds us of our ultimate goal at Covenant. We seek to honor God in our daily school activities whether in the classroom, on the playground, in chapel, or in athletics. God has richly blessed Covenant students and families over the last 39 years, and we give Him all the glory for the great things he has done!

Safety Plans and Protocols

CCA asks all faculty, students, and families to do their best to keep our campus safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please review the following protocols in order to protect yourselves and others from possible infection.

We are blessed to report that CCA has ZERO known cases of Covid-19 on campus after 11 days of school. Keep up the good work!

Hand Washing

Students in every grade level are regularly reminded to wash their hands throughout the day. Additionally, each classroom has a supply of hand sanitizer available for student use.

Social Distancing

Every effort has been made to provide a maximum amount of social distance between students on campus. Classroom seating charts, lunch locations, locker visits, and directional flow in high traffic areas have been established to provide more social distance for our student body. Please be mindful to maintain 6 feet of social distance when possible.


All staff have and use face masks for protection when in close proximity to students, and all students are encouraged to wear masks. Students should bring their own masks.

Disinfecting & Cleaning

CCA has contracted with Cintas to provide cleaning services and touchless equipment in our restrooms and classrooms. Each hallway and restroom will be disinfected multiple times a day, and each classroom has disinfectant wipes available to clean desks daily (every period in MSHS).


  • Teachers will notify the office if a student needs his/her temperature taken.
  • Students who are sick will be isolated in the infirmary to limit possible infection of others.
  • The school has clear expectations for parents to ensure that students are healthy before attending school, keeping them home if sick, and providing a doctor’s note if a student has Covid-19.
  • Those who have a fever (100 or higher) or experience other serious symptoms will go home. A parent must confirm with the school that the student has been fever free for the last 24 hours and does not have Covid-19 or other symptoms, prior to returning.
  • Please notify the school and keep students at home if they experience Covid symptoms or have been exposed to someone that has Covid.

Other Measures

Many other safety measures have been employed at CCA this year. Campus visitors are currently limited, large gatherings (chapel) are not meeting, and fall sports have been cancelled. Please stay tuned for updates that will be communicated regularly as we continue to provide a safe environment for your children and our school community.

Student Sound-Off

Several Middle and High School students recently responded to a student survey. See a sampling of their responses below!

Thoughts on Returning to School:

"I am very thankful and blessed to be back in school. I believe God has His hand over CCA, and I'm excited to have a senior year. I'm thankful for my teachers and am excited to be here and healthy." Carolyne (12th grade)

How can CCA families pray for our students?

"They can pray for students to see things in the way that God sees things, and to stand up and speak boldly defending God's truth." David (11th grade)

How has God been working in your life during the Covid pandemic?

"I have been able to see his hand working through the suffering to bring many to Christ." Laura (12th grade)
"God has been working to teach me that unexpected things will happen in your life, but through them, you have to trust in Him no matter what happens." Brooke (8th grade)

What is your favorite part of student life at CCA?

"The relationships shared between students and teachers. Though the 5-day school week may take up a lot of time, the relationships forged there are essential to personal growth. Whether with a student or teacher, each relationship is important." Trevor (9th grade)
"The fellowship and relationships with other students, Chapel, and sports." Garrison (8th grade)

Carpool Information

Afternoon Carpool

Elementary pickup is 2:40-3:00

6th grade pickup is 2:45-3:00

MSHS pickup is 3:00-3:15

Morning Carpool Information

As you drop off students in the morning, please be mindful to pull forward as far as possible before stopping to allow other cars to drop off along the entire curb behind your vehicle.

Elementary students arriving before 8am will report to the lunchroom. MSHS students arriving before 8am will report to the gymnasium.

Afternoon Carpool Information

  1. As drivers enter from Post Road, please use both lanes to approach the pickup area. There are two lanes from the road all the way to the yellow line, where cars merge into one. From that point, drivers from each lane should alternate as they approach the curb (a zipper method).
  2. Students should only enter cars from the curb side, not walk around the car, in order to avoid oncoming traffic.
  3. Students should only cross the driveway at the zebra crosswalk.
  4. Elementary students are not dismissed to walk to their cars until the teacher has given them the go-ahead.
  5. If younger students require help with getting belted into their car seats, parents should pull forward past the end of the curb and then park, in order to avoid holding others up.
  6. Drivers picking up MSHS students should proceed past the end of the curb towards the white line at the end of the parking lot, rather than wait at the curb.
  7. If drivers need to park in a space and the main lot is full, there is a lower lot past the gates.

Back to School Photos

Click on the video below to see our students in their daily life at CCA.

Tax Credits for Scholarships

Do you pay income tax to the state of Georgia?

Would you like those dollars to support students at Covenant?

Approved donors will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit from the state of Georgia. This is an incredible way to ensure your tax dollars support your family and school. CCA has partnered with Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GaSSO) to participate in this program.

Learn More

Visit https://covenantrams.org/gasso-tax-credit-program/ or www.georgiasso.com

Tax Credits are STILL AVAILABLE for 2020 donations!

Click to here to claim a tax credit for your 2020 scholarship donation.

Contact our Director of Advancement, Jimmy Friday, if you would like to learn more.

ACT Test Prep Class

Mr. Priest will be leading an 8 session ACT prep class for Juniors/Seniors this Fall on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15-5:15.

Classes begin on Wednesday, September 9th and run through November 4th. The cost of the course is $175 per student.

Email Mr. Priest to register for the class or for more information.