Honduras by: anna Anderson

Honduras capital is Tegucigalpa.

2013 Honduras's population was 8.098 million.

Honduras's language is Spanish.

Mountains dominate most of the land with plateaus also.

Honduras have timber, gold, and silver.

Honduras crops are corn, beans, and rice.

There industries are agriculture, cement, fishing, and forestry.

White tailed deer, 9 banded Armadillo, and Anteater.

This is a giant Anteater.

Lip flowers brush, orange flowers, and red flowers.

Their biggest sport the play in is soccer.

They wear what is good enough for doing agricultural work.

Baleda is a popular dish, you put refried beans, cheese and sour cream.

90 percent of kids have to repeat grades in Honduras.

A school in Honduras.

Art is a huge part in Honduras culture. Some paintings are La Gitana and Marisol Rodriguez.

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