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Automotive Technology students learning to remove a tire from the rim. (It takes muscle!)

October 28 - November 3, 2019 Volume 12 Issue 29

To be read in your best Count Dracula voice: Prepare yourself for another fright-filled SGA Spooktacular on Thursday, October 31st from 11 AM until 1 PM in the Student Lounge. If you dare, try walking with a taco from the ADN club, or sample Medical Assisting's ghostly goodies. The Ag Club will have pizza and candied apples but beware! They are sticky! Phi Beta Lambda and Minority Male Mentors will have scary-good grilled hot dogs for sale. Win sweet prizes at the Phi Theta Kappa trivia contest. (All club activities are fund raisers so please bring your wallet.)

If you have knife skills, please leave those at home, but do carve a pumpkin and bring it for the Best Pumpkin Contest. If you'd like to leave your everyday persona at home and dress like your alter-ego, or if you just don't want anyone to recognize you for a day, here's your chance to disguise yourself and win a prize at the SGA Costume Contest.

Leave the mundane and celebrate the macabre at the SGA Halloween Spooktacular!

Your Student Government Association will be sponsoring the following two contests for the SGA Spooktacular on Wednesday, October 31st.


The costume contest will be held at 12:15 PM in the courtyard outside of Student Services. $25 gift cards to Domino's will be awarded to the (1) Scariest, (2) Funniest, and (3) Most Creative costumes. If you plan to enter the contest, please report to the courtyard area no later than 12:10 PM to be considered as a contestant.


Bring you own creatively-carved pumpkins to enter the Most Innovative, Original, Inventive, Clever, Cool, Demiurgic (look it up) Jack 'o Lantern contest. Drop off your entries by 10:00 AM in Student Services. If you want to illuminate your entry, use a battery-powered light (no flames, please).

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no carving of the pumpkins on campus.

Pumpkins will be on display in the Student Lounge during the Spooktacular where attendees can vote by ballot for their favorite. The winner will be awarded a $25 gift card to Domino's and will be announced at 12:45 PM, before the event ends.

Now Playing: A New Double Feature at the Cyber Falls Cinema!

“The cloud” can seem a heavenly place, with its near infinite amount of storage for files of all types. But looks can be deceiving. Our first movie this week explores the potential dangers of giving too much up to the cloud. Check it out!

Next comes the story of the Wi-Fi Drifter, a cyber-savvy wanderer always on guard against data thieves, internet scoundrels, and sketchy public internet connections. How does she stay secure in the face of these dangers? Find out now!

Keep those connections secure!

Practical nursing Blood Drive

November 14 from 9 AM until 1:30 PM

In the Multipurpose Room in Capel Hall

Feuding is fun in American lit

Lindsey & Elizabeth Tedder, Liz Loflin and Alexi Nguyen pulled together this project for their American Literature class. They used a Family Feud game to review questions about authors in the Age of Enlightenment.

"During the game, the class guessed most of the answers, but sometimes we gave them a few hints," Lindsey said. The game was a lot of fun not only for her group, but the class seemed to enjoy it too, she said.